The list below lists:

  • Authors/Speakers with conflicts of interest
  • Authors/Speakers without conflicts of interest
  • Speakers who will provide financial disclosures on-site

Authors/Speakers with conflicts of interest


1. Royalties from a company or supplier
2. Speakers bureau/paid presentations for a company or supplier
3a. Paid employee for a company or supplier
3b. Paid consultant for a company or supplier
3c. Unpaid consultant for a company or supplier
4. Stock or stock options in a company or supplier
5. Research support from a company or supplier as a PI
6. Other financial or material support from a company or supplier
7. Medical/Orthopaedic publications editorial/governing board
8. Board member/committee appointments for a society
9. Other support
First name Last name COI
Josefin Aakerstedt 5. Research grant support from Medtronic
Mayar Abbasi 3b. KKT International Ltd.
Celeste Abjornson 3b. SurgiAlign Camber Spine 4.Orthobond Spine BioPharma 8. Orthobond 9. Grants:
4Web Medical
Edward Abraham 3b. Medtronic 5. Medtronic
Aakash Agarwal 3a. Spinal Balance 8. Editorial board member for Spine & Clinical Spine Surgery
Rodrigo Alarcon 3a. Orthopediatrics
Todd Albert 1. Biomet, DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company, Thieme, Springer, Saunders/Mosby-Elsevier, JP Medical Publishers 3b. Nuvasive 4. Augmedics, Bonovo Orthopedics, Inc, CytoDyn Inc., In ViVo Therapeutics, Innovative Surgical Designs, Inc, Morphogenesis,
Paradigm Spine, Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals, Precision Orthopedics, Pulse Equity, Spinicity, Strathspey Crown, Surg.IO LLC 7. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery - American, Spine, Spine Deformity Journal, Orthopedics Today 8. American Orthopaedic Association, Spine Universe, Scoliosis Research Society 9. Back Story, LLC: Board or committee member
Mauro Alini 7. Editor in Chief JOR Spine
Luis Alvarez Galovich 3b. Nuvasive / SpineArt / Zimmer-Biomet
Howard An 1. U & I Inc  Zimmer 3b. Bioventis Inc
Dio Medical Inc 5. Spinalcyte Inc 8. Spine American Journal of Orthopedics
Marcus Arand 8. German Spine Society
Viswanadha Arun-Kumar 5. AOSpine International 8. Board Member - Spine Society of Andhra Pradesh
Ely Ashkenazi 3b. Carevature Medical Ltd. 4. Carevature Medical Ltd.
Nelson Astur 2. Johnson & Johnson - Honorarium as Speaker and Proctorship
Medtronic - Honorarium as Speaker 8. AOSpine - Board of Director Brazil
Alaa Azmi Ahmad 2. Proctor for Medtronic (March 2019) 7. Editorial board member (current) for Journal of pediatric Orthopedic B 8. Chair spine committee SICOT
Kamel Bahri 8. Tunisian society of neurosurgery
Philippe Bancel 1. Spine art 3b. pediguard
Ronald Bartels 7. Editorial boards of European Spine Journal and Acta Neurochirurgica 8. Dutch Association of Neurosurgeons
Bryce Basques 1. Thieme
Karim Bayanzay 3b. KKT International Ltd.
Pedro Bazán 8. Sociedad Argentina de Patologia de Columna Vertebral
Hamed Benghuzzi 8. Mississippi Academy of Sciences RMBS
Lorin Michael Benneker 8. KF Trauma
Pedro Berjano 1. Nuvasive 3b. Nuvasive - Medacta - Alphatec - K2M 5. K2M - DePuy J&J - Nuvasive 
Haluk Berk 7. Editor-in-Chief Acta Orthopaedica et Traumatologica Turcica, Reviewer JBJS, Spine, ESJ 8. Eurospine-Past President, SRS-Member-NATF chair, AOSpine past member, Turkish Association of Orthopaedics and Traumatology Member, Turkish Spine Society-Member, Past ExCom member
Sigurd Berven 1. Stryker 3b. Medtronic, Stryker, Globus, Innovasis, Integrity, Camber 4. Green Sun Medical 7. Journal of Neurosurgery, Spine, The Spine Journal, JBJS 8. NASS- Program committee
Shay Bess 1. k2 medical, Nuvasive, Stryker 2. k2 medical, Stryker 3b. allosource, DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company, k2 medical 5. allosource, Biomet, DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company, EOS, Globus Medical, k2 medical, Medtronic Sofamor Danek, Nuvasive, Orthofix, Inc 8. North American Spine Society, Scoliosis Research Society
Chetan Bettegowda 3b. Consultant for Depuy-Synthes
Timo Biedermann 3a. Biedermann Motech GmbH & Co. KG
Christof Birkenmaier 4. EOS
Erica Bisson 3b. nView
Lukas Bobinski 3b. AO Spine Nordic, Medtronic  5. Medtronic 8. AO Spine Nordic, Neurosurgery Officer
Scott D. Boden 4. Medtronic
Heinrich Boehm 1. Medicon for non related implant 3b. Medicon company
Helma Bongers-Janssen 8. Dutch Flemish Spinal Cord Society (DuFSCoS)
Aju Bosco 7. Editorial Board - European Spine Journal, Asian Spine Journal
Bronek Boszczyk 1. B Braun 5. PI for Woven Orthopedic Technologies Clinical Trial 8. Founder of NSpine
Brett Braly 2. Nuvasive 3b. Nuvasive 5. Nuvasive
Richard Bransford 2. Globus, Depuy-Synthes 8. AO
Darrel Brodke 1. America, DePuy Synthes, Medtronic 3b. Vallum
Suzanne Bruins 3a. S Bruins is paid employee of SentryX BV 4. S Bruins owns stock in SentryX BV
Aaron Buckland 3b. Nuvasive, Stryker
Joshua Bunch 9. Bioventus LLC provided financial support for the conduct of the study and preparation of the manuscript. 
Douglas Burton 9. Bioventus LLC provided financial support for the conduct of the study and preparation of the manuscript. 
Zorica Buser 3b. Cerapedics (past), The Scripps Research Institute (past), Xenco Medical (past), AO Spine (past) 5. Research Support: SeaSpine (past, paid to the institution), Next Science (paid directly to institution), Motion Metrix (paid directly to institution) 8. Non-financial: North American Spine Society: committee member; Lumbar Spine Society: Co-chair Research committee, AOSpine Knowledge Forum Degenerative: Associate member; AOSNA Research committee- committee member 9. Trips/Travel: AO Spine (Travel Expense Reimbursement, travel reimbursements for AO Spine Knowledge forum meetings and congresses); NASS (Travel Expense Reimbursement, travel reimbursements for meetings). 
Vicki Butenschön 3b. Brainlab
Frank Cammisa 1. NuVasive, Inc. 3b. Spine Biopharma, LLC Vertical Spine, LLC  4WEB Medical/ 4WEB, Inc. 4. Medica Device Partners II, LLC
4WEB medical /4WEB, Inc.
RTI Surgical. Inc.
Tissue Differentiation Intelligence, LLC
Woven Orthopedic Technologies
Orthobond Corporation
Healthpoint Capital Partners, LP 5. Orthofix Medical Inc. (formerly Spine Kinetics, Inc.)
NuVasive, Inc.
Centinel Spine, Inc. (fka Raymedica, LLC)
Beatrice & Samuel A. Seaver Foundation
4WEB medical /4WEB, Inc.
7D Surgical, Inc.
Pfizer, Inc. 9. Scientific Advisory Board/Other Office:
Spine Biopharma, LLC
Orthofix Medical Inc. (formerly Spinal Kinetics, Inc)
4WEB Medical/ 4WEB, Inc.
Woven Orthopedic Technologies
Orthobond Corporation
Healthpoint Capital Partners, LP
Jose Canseco 9. AO Spine- non-financial support
Leah Carreon 8. LYC is an employee of Norton Healthcare and the University of Southern Denmark;consulting fees from National Spine Health Foundation; member, Editorial Advisory Board, Spine Deformity, The Spine Journal and Spine; member University of Louisville IRB.
René Castelein 5. K2M/Stryker Spine
Riccardo Cecchinato 3b. Nuvasive - Medacta
Wael Chaaban 2. AOSPINE  3a.  MUBADALLA HEALTHCARE 9. Non Paid speaker for Abu Dhabi orthopedic Club
Non Paid faculty for Riwo Spine / Amico Medical suppliers in UAE
Andrew Chan 6. Research support for non-related study from Orthofix, Inc.
Raphaële Charest-Morin 8. Canadian Spine Society
Yann Philippe Charles 1. Clariance, Stryker 3b. Clariance, Stryker, Ceraver, Philips  5. Clariance, Stryker 8. Eurospine, SFCR
Jason Cheung 7. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, Asian Spine Journal, Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery, Spine Deformity, Hong Kong Medical Journal, Acta Orthopaedica Traumatologica et Turcica 8. AOSpine Asia Pacific Research Chairman
Kenneth Man Chee Cheung 7. Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery
Theodore Choma 4. Gentis, Inc. 9. AO Spine North America, North American Spine Society, Scoliosis Research Society 
Sean Christie 8. Past President of the Canadian Spine Society
Norman Chutkan 1. Globus Medical 7. Orthopedis Spine Surgery Today 8. NASS, AO, AAOS, AOA
Amy Claeson 3a. Zimmer Biomet Spine 4. Zimmer Biomet Spine
Helmut Cölfen 4. stimOS GmbH
Matthew Colman 2. Orthofix, Inc K2M  DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company 3b. Alphatec Spine Spinal Elements 5. AO Spine North America CSRS 8. AO Spine North America Cervical Spine Research Society Musculoskeletal Tumor Society North American Spine Society
Nicolas Coombes 8. Board AO Spine Argentina (Chair Ortho)
Domagoj Coric 3b. Spine Wave, Stryker, Medtronic, Premia Spine 4. Spine Wave, Premia Spine, Spinal Kinetics
Stipe Corluka 5. AO Spine 8. AO Spine KF Degen
Trevor Cotter 6. Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC Partnership Program)
Quebec Consortium for Industrial Research and Innovation in Medical Technology (MEDTEQ)
Depuy Synthes Companies
CAE Healthcare, Inc
Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur de Montréal
École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) 
Ethan Cottrill 9. Grant support from National Institute on Aging
Chad Craig 3b Heron Therapeutics, Inc. 8. Heron Therapeutics, Inc. 
Matthew Cunningham 2. K2M (Now Stryker) 5. K2M (Now Stryker), Radius Health, Inc., RTI Surgical, Inc., 
Armin Curt 7. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair (NNR) Case Reports in Medicine 8. Scientific Advisory Board Member of the Institute of Research in Paraplegia (IRP). Advisory board Member Wings for Life Board of trustees: Theodor und Ida Herzog Egli Stiftung 
Niklas Czarnowski 5. Joline
Marcin Czyz 7. European Spine Journal - assistant editor
Scott Daffner 3b. Bioventus 4. Pfizer, Amgen 5. Bioventus, Pfizer, Spinal Kinetics 8. NASS, CSRS, AOA, LSRS
Benny Dahl 3c. Consultant for K2M 9. Institutional Research Support from Medtronic and K2M
Marco Damilano 3b. Nuvasive - Medacta
Alan Daniels 1. Springer 3b. OrthoFix, Stryker, SpineArt 5. OrthoFix
Bharat Dave 2. Eli lilly Pvt.
Benjamin Davies 9. BMD is supported by a NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship. 
Marinus De Kleuver 8. Board member SRS and Steering committee AOSpine knowledge forum deformity 9. institutional reimbursement for speaker activities and consultancy for Medtronic
Carlos De La Torre 5. Nuvasive
Nicolas Dea 2. Baxter 3b. Stryker 4. Medtronic 7. Editorial Board of Current Clinical Care 8. AOKFT
Andre Dekker 1. Mirada, Varian, OncoRadiomics 2. Janssen, Roche, Varian, Accuray 3b. Medical Data Works B.V. 6. Varian (grant) 8. UHN Toronto, Hanarth fund
Andreas Demetriades 7. Acta Neurochirurgica, Advanced Orthopedics, Neurosurgical Review 8. EANS, Global Neuro Foundation, Scottish Society of the History of Medicine
Bart Depreitere 5. Medtronic 7. Brain and Spine 8. EANS spine section panel, Spine Society of Belgium executive committee, Belgian Society of Neurosurgery executive committee
Clinton Devin 3b. Stryker Spine 4. 3Spine 5. Stryker Spine
Gaurav Raj Dhakal 8. KF Trauma
Ashish Diwan 3b. Nuvasive Australia - Educational Consultant 4. Kunovus Technologies, Merunova, Cartago Biotech 5.Nuvasive Inc 6. Globus Medical - Educational Support for Fellow 7. Editorial Board European Spine Journal 8. Council Chair, AOS-ANZ, Trustee AOF
Edward Dohring 7. The Spine Journal 8. NASS Board/ President
Gael Dreher 3a. Biedermann Motech GmbH & Co. KG
Mark Driscoll 1. Confidential 3b. Confidential 4. Confidential 5. DePuy Synthes Companies CAE Healthcare, Inc. CDRM Thought Technology Own the Podium 6. Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC Partnership Program) Quebec Consortium for Industrial Research and Innovation in Medical Technology (MEDTEQ) Depuy Synthes Companies CAE Healthcare, Inc Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur de Montréal École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) 8. ASME Patient Specific Modeling
Marcel Dvorak 1. Medtronic 3b. Medtronic 5. AO Foundation/AO Spine: statistical analysis
Robert Eastlack 1. Globus Medical, Nuvasive, Seaspine, SI Bone 3b. Aesculap/B.Braun, Baxter, Biedermann-Motech, Carevature, Medtronic, Nuvasive, SI Bone, Seaspine, Stryker 4. Alphatec Spine, Carevature, Invuity, Nocimed, Nuvasive, Seaspine, Spine Innovations 8. San Diego Spine Foundation, Scoliosis Research Society, Society of Lateral Access Surgery
Ibrahim El Bojairami 6. This study was funded by McGill University (MEDA), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), and Fonds de Recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FRQNT). 
Hossein Elgafy 5. Research funding from LifeNet Health
Khaled El-Monajjed 6. McGill University (MEDA)
Mohammad El-Sharkawi 8. KF Trauma
Arash Emami 5. Nuvasive
Juan Emmerich 8. Chair AO Spine Latin America
Alejandro Espinoza Orias 6. Stryker 8. PLoS One
Peter Fabricant 3c. Orthopediatrics 9. Hospital for Special Surgery Clinician Scientist Development Grant 
Michael Faloon 3b. Stryker
Fabio Ferri-de-Barros 5. Spine Vision  Medtronic
Charles Fisher 1. Medtronic 3b. Medtronic  Stryker 5. Depuy Synthes Medtronic 7. Associate Editor Spine
Felicity Fisk 3b. Paid consultant for Johnson & Johnson for podcasting about women in orthopedics
Kevin Foley 1. Medtronic 2.  Medtronic 3b. Discgenics, TrueVision 4. Discgenics, Medtronic, NuVasive, SpineWave, TrueVision, Vertera 8. Discgenics, TrueVision
John Fowler 5. Premia Spine
Brian Freeman 7. Deputy Editor, Spine; An International Journal for the Study of the Spine 8. AOSpine (Asia Pacific) Spine Center Director
Kai-Ming Fu 3b. SI-BONE
Anup Gandhi 3a. Zimmer Biomet Spine 4. Zimmer Biomet Spine
Harry Gebhard 1. Corbell University 
Daniel Gelb 1. DePuy Synthes Spine, Globus Medical 2. AO Spine North America 4. American Society for Investigative Pathology 8. AO Spine North America
Philipp Gernerth 3a. Vocationeers GmbH
Federico Girardi 1. Ortho Development Corp., NuVasive, Inc., LANX, Inc., DuPuy Synthese Spine 3b. DePuy Synthese Spine, NuVasive, Inc. 3c. EIT Emerging Implant Technologies, Ethicon, Inc., LANX, Inc., Ortho Development Corp., Spineart USA, Inc. 4. Alphatec Holdings, LLC, Bonovo Orthopedics, Inc., Centinel Spine, Inc. (fka Raymedica, LLC), Healthpoint Capital Partners, LP, Orthofix (formerly Spinal Kinetics, Inc.), Paradigm Spine, LLC, Tissue Differentiation Intelligence 8. EIT Emerging Implant Technologies, Centinel Spine, Inc. (fka Raymedica, LLC), Healthpoint Capital Partners, LP, Orthofix (formerly Spinal Kinetics, LLC), Paradigm Spine, LLC, 9. Designer: DePuy Synthese Spine, LANX, Inc., NuVasive, Inc., Ortho Development Corp.
Steven Glassman 1. Medtronic 3b. Medtronic 8. Past president Scoliosis Research Society
Vijay Goel 1. Paradigm Spine, Joimax, Globus Medical, Endosphere LLC, Butterfly Spine 4. Spinal Balance, OsteoNovus, Intellisenze 5. Spinal Balance, OsteoNovus, DePuy Synthes Spine, SI Bone, AO foundation, Spine Scoliosis LLC, 4Web Medical, FDA, Spider Spine LLC 9. Research grants from NIH, NSF 
Ziya Gokaslan 4. Stockholder in Spinal Kinetics 5. Grants from AOSpine North America
Christopher Good 3b. K2M, Stryker, Medtronic, Mazor Robotics 4. Mazor Robotics, Augmedics 9. Advisory board member for Stryker, Augmedics, and Medtronic
C. Rory Goodwin 3b. Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic 5. Received grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program, the Federal Food and Drug Administration, and the NIH/NINDS K12 NRCDP Physician Scientist Award.
Robert Grossman 9. The NACTN SCI Registry is supported by the US ARMY MEDICAL RESEARCH ACQUISITION ACTIVITY (USAMRAA) under Contract No. W81XWH-16-C-0031 and earlier Department of Defense Awards.
Tenner Guillaume 3b. Nuvasive, Zimmer Biomet
Dmitry Gulyaev 7. RUANS
Jeffrey Gum 1. Nuvasive: IP royalties; Paid consultant; Research support Acuity: IP royalties; Paid consultant 2. DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company: Paid presenter or speaker 4. Cingulate Therapeutics: Stock or stock Options 5. Integra: Research support
Intellirod Spine Inc.: Research support 8. The Spine Journal - Reviewer: Editorial or governing board National Spine Health Foundation: Board or committee member
International Spine Study Group: Research support
Norton Healthcare: Research support
Nuvasive: IP royalties; Paid consultant; Research support Pfizer: Research support
Richard Guyer 3b. Carevature Medical Ltd. 4. Carevature Medical Ltd.
Raymond Hah 9. Consulting: Nuvasive ($32,000); Trips/Travel: NASS ($2000). 
Yong Hai 7. Board Member-The Spine Journal Board Member-The Asian Spine Journal 8. Board Member – Chinese Orthopedic Association
Regis Haid 1. NuVasive, Medtronic Sofamor Danek 3b. NuVasive 4. Spine Universe 
Colin Haines 3b. Medtronic, Globus Medical, Spineart
D. Kojo Hamilton 5. Nuvasive 7. European Spine Journal
Waeel Hamouda 7. Surgical Neurology International Journal 8. NASS, AO Spine
Mitchell Hansen 2. Nuvasive DePuy Synthes Medacta 3b. Nuvasive DePuy Synthes Medacta Device Technologies Life Health Care 8. Neurosurgical Society of Australasia Surgical Education and Training Board for Neurosurgery in Australasia
Ian Harding 1. Royalties from Medtronic Inc 2. Medtronic Inc
Ran Harel 3b. Carevature Medical Ltd. 4. Carevature Medical Ltd.
Robert Hart 1. DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company, Globus Medical, SeaSpine 2. DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company, Globus Medical, Medtronic, Orthofix, Inc 3b. DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company, Globus Medical, Medtronic, Orthofix, Inc 8. American Orthopaedic Association, Cervical Spine Research Society, International Spine Study Group, North American Spine Society, Scoliosis Research Society, Western Ortho Assn
René Hartensuer 5. Joline 8. NIS DGU
Roger Härtl 1. Zimmer Biomet 3b. DePuy Synthes, Brainlab, Ulrich 4. RealSpine
Dr Sajan Hegde 1. Globus Medical 3b. Globus Medical
Scott Hodges 1. Medtronic 2. Medtronic 3b. Medtronic 4. 3Spine
Eric Hoebink 8. Board member Dutch Spine Society and member of the Clinical Audit Board Dutch Spine Surgery Registry
Evelien Hoevenaars 9. Therapist at The RealHealth Institute Sint Maartenskliniek
Jörg Holstein 3b. Medacta International, Castel San Pietro, Switzerland
Patrick Hsieh 1. Medtronic, NuVasive, and Zimmer Biomet 8. NASS
Jiang Hu 8. Director, Orthopaedic Branch of Sichuan Medical Doctors Association.
Alexander Hughes 5. 4WEB Medical, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, NuVasive, Inc., Pfizer, Inc. 
Craig Humphreys 1. SpineArt 3b. Medtronic 4. 3Spine
Matthew Hunt 3b. Paid consultant for Nordson Medical
John Hutchinson 1. Royalties from Depuy Expedium 3b. Depuy
Ki Hwang 3b. Stryker
Nozomu Inoue 5. National Institutes of Health (NCCIH)
Prof. Dr. Md. Anowarul Islam 3b. BSMMU 7. BSMMU 8. BSMMU
Manabu Ito 8. AOSPINE Asia Pacific Board chairman
Sravisht Iyer 3b. Globus Medical, Stryker 5. Innovasis 7. Vertebral Columns/International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery (ISASS) 8. SMISS - Young surgeons advisory board
Wilco Jacobs 3b. AOSPINE Knowledge forum Deformity
Amit Jain 3b. Stryker K2M Spine, Depuy Synthes Spine 
Deeptee Jain 3b. Kaia Health 8. North American Spine Society
Mantu Jain 9. Institutional grant for the study
Pablo Jalón 8. Chair AO Spine Argentina
Andrei Joaquim 8. KF Trauma
John Jones 9. Bioventus LLC provided financial support for the conduct of the study and preparation of the manuscript. 
Frank Kandziora 8. KF Trauma
James Kang 3b. Depuy (2018 only, outside 12-month requirement) 4. Alung (44,944 Shares, 1%), Medrobotics (0 shares, 1%) 5. Pfizer (paid directly to institution) 8. Onepoint Surgical (no monies have been received to date, nonfinancial)
Rishi Kanna 8. KF Trauma
Brian Karamian 9. This study was organized and funded by AO Spine International through the AO Spine Knowledge Forum Trauma, a focused group of international spinal trauma experts acting on behalf of AO Spine. AO Spine is a clinical division of the AO Foundation which is an independent medically-guided non-profit organization. Study support was provided directly through the AO Spine Research Department.
So Kato 5. Baxter
Yoshihiro Katsuura 9. Founder: Arcade Spine LLC
Christoph Katthagen 2. Arthrex, DePuy Synthes, International Bone Research Association 3b. DePuy Synthes, SPI 5.  Arthrex 7. Obere Extremität, Springer 8. AGA Trauma Comitee
Michael Kelly 9. No personal fees or payments.  Washington University Othopaedics department receives payments from Depuy/Synthes & International Spine Study Group.
Christopher Kepler 5. Biomet, Medtronic, Pfizer, Regeneration Technologies 7. Clinical Spine Surgery
Kaveh Khajavi 2. NuVasive 3b. NuVasive
Amrit Khalsa 3b. Stryker, Seaspine
Majid Khan 3b. Consultancy for Medwaves Avecure and Striker Medical; expert testimony
Larry Khoo 3b. Carevature Medical Ltd. 4. Carevature Medical Ltd.
Han Jo Kim 1. Royalty/Patent holder: ZIMMER BIOMET, K2 Medical, LLC; 2. Speakers’ bureau: K2 Medical, LLC 3b. Consulting: ZIMMER BIOMET; Alphatec Spine 5. Grants/Research support: International Spine Study Group;
Jin-Sung Kim 1. Richard Wolf, Medtronic 2. Richard Wolf, Medtronic
John Knightly 8. NeuroPoint Alliance, Board of Directors
Eugene Koh 3b. Biomet 5. National Institutes of Health
Przemek Kolakowski 8. AO Spine Poland, Officer for Orthopedics
Branko Kopjar 3b. Bioventus Smith and Nephew Cerapedics HIT Joint Purification System  Innovative Surgical Designs  AOSNA
Werner Korb 3b. FORUM Institut Heidelberg, Germany 4. Vocationeers GmbH (Founder and Owner) 5. Austrian Research Council (FFG)
Andreas Korge 2. Zeiss 3b. Medtronic, Silony
Mark Kotter 9. MRNK is supported by a NIHR Clinician Scientist Award
Moyo Kruyt 5. K2M/Stryker Spine
Mark Kurd 3b. Stryker/K2M, Spinal Elements 4. Durastat 7. Clinical Spine Surgery
Scott Kutz 3b. Carevature Medical Ltd. 4. Carevature Medical Ltd.
Brian Kwon 3b. NervGen, Versapeutics 
Renaud Lafage 4. Ownership: Nemaris
Virginie Lafage 1. Nuvasive 2. DePuy, The Permanente Medical Group 3b. Globus Medical 8. European Spine Journal, International Spine Study Group, Scoliosis Research Society
Khai Lam 3b. Globus, Nuvasive, Medronic 5. Nuvasive 8. SOLAS, IGASS
Claudio Lamartina 1. Nuvasive 3b. Nuvasive - Medacta - Alphatec - K2M 5. K2M - DePuy J&J - Nuvasive 
Justin M. Lantz 3b. SI-Bone Inc 8. Committee Member , Evidence Based Guidelines Committee, NOrth American Spine Society
Ilya Laufer 3c. Depuy/Synthes, Medtronic, Spinewave, Brainlab, and Globus
Jean Charles Le Huec 2. BD bard 3b. Medtronic, Medicrea
David Lebel 9. Fellowship support from Spinevision
Darren Lebl 1. NuVasive Inc.  Stryker 3b. AXIOMED  Integrity Implants, Inc K2 Medical, LLC Medtronic Sofamer Danek, Inc  NuVasive Inc  Stryker Corporation  4. Woven Orthopedic Technologies 
Julian Leong 3c. Biedermann, De soutter, Depuy synthes 5. Biedermann, globus 7. Bone and Joint Journal 8. British scoliosis research Foundation 9. Hospitality
Stephen Lewis 3b. Stryker  L&K BIOMED 9. Teaching and travel grants from: Medtronic DePuy Synthes AOSpine
Ulf Liljenqvist 1. IcoTec, Silony 3b. Silony 5. Silony 8. President of the German Spine Society
Worawat Limthongkul 2. Medtronic
Breton Line 3b. ISSGF
John Liu 3b. Viseon
Elizabeth L. Lord 5. AO
Philip Louie 1. Springer, Elsevier, Thieme 4. StreaMD
Rui Loureiro 8. President of the International Consortium on Rehabilitation Robotics
Juan Lourido 8. AOSPINE Spain Neuro Officer
Steven Ludwig 1. DePuy Synthes, Globus Medical, Thieme, Quality Medical Publishers 2. DePuy Synthes, K2M 3b. DePuy synthes, K2M, Globus Medical 5. AO Spine North America Spine Fellowship , Pacira Pharmaceutical, AOA Omega Grant 7. Journal of Spinal Disorders and Techniques, The Spine Journal, and Contemporary Spine Surgery 8. Globus Medical, ,American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, The American Orthopaedic Association, Cervical Spine Research Society,  Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Maryland Development Corporation
Ana Luís 8. Board member of Sociedade Portuguesa de Patologia da Coluna Vertebral
Melvin Makhni 1. Springer Publishing 3b. Medtronic Consumer Medical
José Augusto Malheiros Dos Santos Filho 3b. Medtronic
Neil Manson 3b. Medtronic 5. Medtronic 8. Canadian Spine Society's Canadian Spine Outcomes and Research Network Steering Committee
Thierry Marnay 1. Centinel Spine, Spineway 3b. Centinel Spine, West Chester, PA, USA, Spineway
Christopher Martin 5. Research support to institution: SI Bone, AO Spine, Medtronic, Nuvasive 8. AO Spine Degenerative Knowledge Forum
Leo Massari 2. IGEA Spa, Si-Bone, Lima Corporate 3b. IGEA Spa, LIMA Corporate, Si-Bone 7. Biophysica
Wilfried Matthis 3a. Biedermann Motech GmbH & Co. KG
Steven McAnany 3b. Nuvasive, Titan
Robert McGuire 7. Spine Global Spine 8. AOSpine
Karen McRae 3b. Consultant clinical co-ordinator for Woven
Christoph Mehren 2. Centinel, Silony 3b. Depuy Synthes, Centinel, Silony
Hans-Jörg Meisel 1. Medtronic, Fehling
Aesculap (past) 3b. Difusion - (money paid to institution) - Regenerate Life Sciences GmbH
Codon (past) 4. Difusion - stock/stock options (money paid to institution) - Regenerate Life Sciences GmbH 8. AOSpine Knowledge Forum
Carolin Melcher 9. AO TK Grant
Cristiano Menezes 2. Nuvasive 3b. Nuvasive 5. Nuvasive 8. Brazilian Spine Society (SBC)
Brazilian Orthopaedic Society (SBOT)
AOSPINE Contry Board
Lori Michener 9. Board of Directors: Academy of Orthopedic Physical Therapy ($6,000), Scientific Advisory Board: Associate Editor-Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy ($2,500), Grants: Optimization of Spinal Manipulation for Patient with Shoulder Pain- Bauer Foundation ($100,000). 
Alden Milam 9. Bioventus LLC provided financial support for the conduct of the study and preparation of the manuscript. 
Michael Millgram 3b. Carevature Medical Ltd. 4. Carevature Medical Ltd.
Peter Millner 8. Current President of the British Scoliosis Society
Camilo Molina 3b. Consultant for Augmedics Ltd.
Rosaire Mongrain 6. Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC Partnership Program)
Quebec Consortium for Industrial Research and Innovation in Medical Technology (MEDTEQ)
Depuy Synthes Companies
CAE Healthcare, Inc
Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur de Montréal
École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) 
Ghidinelli Monica 9. works for AO Foundation
Don Moore 9. American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Lumbar Spine Research Society, North American Spine Society
Christian Morgenstern 2. Hoogland Spine Products GmbH  7. Topic Editor - Prosthesis Journal
Marco Moscatelli 1. Riwo Spine 2. Riwo Spine 3a. Riwo Spine 3b. Riwo Spine
Jeffrey Mullin 5. Dr. Mullin is involved with clinical research for Cerapedics. He receives research funding from AO Spine Foundation and Medtronic External Research Program Health Professionals.
Gregory Mundis 1. K2M: IP royalties
Nuvasive: IP royalties; Paid consultant; Research support 3b. SeaSpine: Paid consultant
Stryker: Paid consultant
Viseon: Paid consultant
Carlsmed: Paid consultant 5. ISSGF: Research support
Nuvasive: IP royalties; Paid consultant; Research support 8. Scoliosis Research Society: Board or committee member
J Naresh-Babu 5. AO Spine 8. AOSpine Asia Pacific research council member
Marko Neva 8. AO Spine Regional Board 9. Research Grant: Competitive State Financing of the Expert Responsibility Area of Tampere University Hospital
Aria Nouri 9. Grant Support from the Cervical Spine Research Society
Timothy OConnor 9. Dr. O’Connor receives research funding from the AO Spine Foundation, as part of the AO Discovery and Innovation Award. 
John O'Dowd 9. Director of and shareholder in The RealHealth Institute (RealHealthNL)
Jacob Oh 8. Honorary Treasurer, Singapore Spine Society (2019-2020)
Cumhur Oner 5. DPS, AO Spine 7. Multiple 8. KF Trauma
Bas Oosterman 3a. BJ Oosterman is employee of SentryX BV 4. BJ Oosterman owns stock in SentryX BV
John O'Toole 1. Globus Medical 3b. Globus Medical 4. RTI Surgical 7. Neurosurgery
Hanqiang Ouyang 5. AOSDIA2019 award
Lukas Panzenboeck 8. EUROSPINE education committee member
Daniel Park 9. Bioventus LLC provided financial support for the conduct of the study and preparation of the manuscript. 
Don Park 3c. Nuvasive, Globus
Ann M. Parr 6. Material support in the form of free spinal cord stimulators for our E-Stand clinical trial from St. Jude Medical (Abbott)
William Parr 9. Dr Parr is a director of 3DMorphic Pty Ltd.
David Parsons 3b. Medtronic
Alejandro Peiro 3b. Spineart
Susanna Piluso 3a. S Piluso is paid employee of SentryX BV 4. S Piluso owns stock in SentryX BV
Luiz Pimenta 1. Alphatec 2. Alphatec 3a. Alphatec
Nicolas Plais 4. Nuvasive; Spinewave
Otho Plummer 3a. OBERD
John Pollina 1. Dr. Pollina is involved with surgical training for Medtronic. He consults for and receives royalties from ATEC. 5. Dr. Pollina is involved with surgical training for Medtronic. He consults for and receives royalties from ATEC.
David Polly 1. Royalties: Springer textbook
Royalties paid to institution: Medtronic, Globus 3b. Consultant for: SI-BONE, Globus 5. Research support to institution: AO Foundation, Mizuho OSI, Medtronic, SI-BONE 8. Executive Committee American Spine Registry
Themistocles Protopsaltis 1. Altus 3b. Globus Medical; Medicrea; Nuvasive; Stryker 4. Spine Align; Torus Medical
Nasir Quraishi 8. Johnson and Johnson Global Healthcare and Medical Economics advisory board
J & J Enhanced Recovery After Surgery advisory board
AO Spine platinum member and European faculty
Sheeraz Qureshi 1. Stryker K2M, Globus Medical, Inc. 2. Globus Medical, Inc. 3b. Stryker K2M, Healthgrades, LifeLink.com Inc., Globus Medical, Inc., Paradigm Spine, Spinal Simplicity, LLC, AMOpportunities, RTI Surgical Inc.  4. Avaz Surgical, Vital 5 (past relationship)
Andreas Raabe 8. President, Swiss society of neurosurgery
Chair, EANS Section of Vascular Neurosurgery
Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran 8. AO spine chairman
Manuel Ramirez Valencia 2. MBA 5. MBA INSTITUT 8. GEER
Michael Raschke 5. Joline 8. DGU, AO TK
Gilad Regev 3b. Medtronic 
Carla Reizinho 8. Board member of Sociedade Portuguesa de Patologia da Coluna Vertebral
Guillermo Ricciardi 7. Journal Section editor (Spine) in "Revista de la Asociación Argentina de Ortopedia y Traumatología" 8. Journal Section editor (Spine) in "Revista de la Asociación Argentina de Ortopedia y Traumatología"
Ibrahim Richard 2. Nevro, Boston Scientific, Abbott, Joimax
Geoff Richards 7. Editor-In-Chief eCM Not-for-profit Open Access Journal 8. President Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS)
Eden Richardson 8. Canadian Spine Society's Canadian Spine Outcomes and Research Network Steering Committee
Oliver Riesenbeck 5. Joline
Dan Riew 1. Zimmer-Biomet Anterior Cervical Plate 3b. Industry Courses/Consulting:
Zimmer-Biomet Nuvasive Medtronic 4. Osprey, Expanding Orthopedics, Spinal Kinetics, Amedica, Vertiflex, Benvenue, Paradigm Spine, PSD, Spineology, Axiomed
Antonio Roth Vargas 1. Riwo Spine 2. Riwo Spine 3a. Riwo Spine 3b. Riwo Spine
Dominique Rothenfluh 2. Nuvasive
Yu-Mi Ryang 2. DepuySynthes, Brainlab, Silony, Ulrich Medical, Zeiss Medical, Icotec, Spineart 3b. Icotec, Spineart, Brainlab 3c. DWG, EANS, EUROSPINE 5. Spineart, DWG 7. Scientific Advisory Board DWG 8. AOSpine, DGNC, DWG, EANS, EUROSPINE, NCA
Arjun Sahgal 5. Grants and activities with Elekta/ElektaAB 9. Activities with Abbvie, Accuray Inc., Varian medical systems, BrainLAB, Merck, Roche, International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society, Medtronic Kyphon, VieCure; Advisor/consultant with Varian (Medical Advisory Group), Elekta (Gamma Knife Icon), BrainLAB
Board Member with International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society (ISRS)
Co-Chair with AO Spine Knowledge Forum Tumor
Past educational Seminars with Astra Zeneca (Honorarium), Elekta AB, Varian (CNS Teaching Faculty), BrainLAB, Medtronic Kyphon
Research Grant: Elekta AB, Varian
Travel accommodations/expenses: Elekta, Varian, BrainLAB
Dr. Sahgal also belongs to the Elekta MR Linac Research Consortium, Elekta Spine, Oligometastases and Linac Based SRS Consortia
Comron Saifi 3b. Nuvasive GS Medical 
Simona Salati 3a. IGEA Spa
Khalid Salem 5. Participated as co-investigator Woven Clinical trial
Andrew Sama 1. Ortho Development Corp. 3b. Clariance, Inc. (Medical device company), DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., Integrity Implants, Medical Device Business Services, Inc. (f/d/b/a/DePuy Synthese, Inc.), Kuros Biosciences AG 4. Orthofix (formerly Spine Kinetics, Inc.), Integrity Implants, Paradigm Spine, LLC, Vestia Ventures MiRus Investment, LLC 5. Orthofix (formerly Spinal Kinetics, Inc.) 8. Clariance, Inc. (Medical device company), DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., Kuros Biosciences AG, Medical Device Business, Inc. (f/d/b/a DePuy Synthese, Inc.), 9. Honorarium: South Carolina Spine Society
Designer: Medical Device Business, Inc. (f/d/b/a DePuy Synthese, Inc.), Ortho Development Corp.
Dino Samartzis 8. AOSpine Research Chairman
Harvinder Sandhu 3b. Biorestorative Therapies, Inc 4. Medica: Stock or stock Options
Biorestorative Therapies: Stock or stock Options
Paradigm Spine: Stock or stock Options
Prosydian Medical: Paid consultant; Stock or stock Options
Providence Medical Technology: Stock or stock Options
Spinewave: Stock or stock Options
Carlo Santaguida 3b. Consultant for Medtronic and Stryker. Paid personal fees.
Dietmar Schaffarczyk 4. stimOS GmbH
Klaus Schnake 2. AO Spine International 3b. Medtronic, Swiss Medical Concept, Ottobock 5. AO Foundation/ AO Spine: statistical analysis
Andrew Schoenfeld 1. Springer Publishers 5. Department of Defense, NIH, OREF 9. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Wolters Kluwer, Springer
Gregory Schroeder 1. ISD, Astura 3b. Stryker, Medtronic, Zimmer, Teledoc, ISD, Brovenius 5.  Medtronic Sofamor Danek 6. AO Spine, Medtronic 7. Wolters Kluwer Health- Lippincot Williams & Wilkins 9. AO Spine - non-financial support
Frank Schwab 1. Royalty/Patent holder: Medtronic Sofamor Danek USA, Inc., ZIMMER BIOMET, MEDICREA USA, CORP.; 2. Globus Medical, K2M, Medtronic Sofamor Danek, Zimmer 3b. Consulting: ZIMMER BIOMET, Globus Medical, Inc. 4. Ownership: SeeSpine; 5. DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company, Nuvasive, Stryker 7. spine deformity 8. Scoliosis Research Society, VP of International Spine Society Group (ISSG)
Othmar Schwarzenbach 3b. Designing Surgeon: Biedermann Motech GmbH & Co. KG
Daniel Sciubba 1. Medtronic, Depuy-Synthes, Stryker, Baxter 3b. Baxter, DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company, K2M, Medtronic, Nuvasive, Stryker
Kevin Seex 1. Double Medical - unrelated to this project 2. Double Medical, LifeHealthCare, NuVasive. - unrelated to this project. 3b NuVasive - unrelated to this project. 5. Grant from Macquarie Neurosurgery to buy the model used in the project. 6. Equipment supplied by NuVasive 8. Board member and Treasurer of the Spine Society of Australia. 
Anand Segar 7. Deputy Editor Clinical Spine Surgery
Jonathan N. Sembrano 5. Research support paid directly to institution: Orthofix; NuVasive; AO Spine
Stefania Setti 3a. IGEA Spa
Christopher Shaffrey 1. Medtronic, NuVasive 2. DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company: Paid presenter or speaker; Research support 3b. Medtronic, NuVasive, SI Bone 4. NuVasive 5. Depuy-synthes, Stryker, Medtronic, NuVasive through ISSG Foundation 7. Spine Deputy Editor 8. President Elect SRS, Past President AANS 9. Globus Medical: Research support
Medtronic: Other financial or material support; Paid consultant
Medtronic Sofamor Danek: IP royalties; Paid presenter or speaker; Research support
Neurosurgery RRC: Board or committee member
Nuvasive: IP royalties; Paid consultant; Paid presenter or speaker; Research support; Stock or stock Options
SI Bone: IP royalties
Spinal Deformity: Editorial or governing board
Spine: Editorial or governing board
R Shanmuganathan 8. KF Trauma
Ayush Sharma 8. Executive Member,  SICOT- India, Spine committee (2018-2021)
Ajoy P Shetty 7. asian spine journal 8. secretary of ASSI 
Christoph Siepe 2. RIWO Spine 3b. RIWO Spine 8. EUROSPINE
Alvaro Silva 2. Medtronic speaker
Kern Singh 1. Lippincott, Jaypee Publishing, SLACK Incorporated, Stryker, Thieme, Wolters Kluwer Health - Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Zimmer 3b. K2M, Zimmer 4. Avaz Surgical, Vital 5, LLC 7. Contemporary Spine Surgery
Orthopedics Today, Vertebral Columns - ISASS 8. AAOS, Cervical Spine Research Society, ISASS
Weerasak Singhatanadgige 2. Medtronic
David Skaggs 1. Zimmer Biomet 2. Zimmer Biomet 3b. Grand Rounds, Orthobullets, Zimmer Biomet 4. Green Sun Medical, Orthobullets, Zipline Medical 5. Nuvasive 6. Wolters Kluwer Health, Zimmer Biomet 7. Orthopedics Today, Orthobullets, Journal of Children's Orthopaedics, Spine Deformity 8. CHLA Foundation, Growing Spine Foundation, Growing Spine Study Group, 9. Medtronic
Jonathan Slotkin 3b. Stryker
Andre Smorenburg 3a. AJ Smorenburg is paid employee of SentryX BV 4. AJ Smorenburg owns stock in SentryX BV
Byron Stephens 3b. Depuy Consultant May 2019 9. Educator Stryker Spine October 2018
Jasper Steverink 3a. JG Steverink is paid employee of SentryX BV 4. JG Steverink owns stock in SentryX BV
Daniel Stubbs 9. DS is supported by a Welcome Trust Doctoral Research Fellowship. 
Yu Sun 8. CSRS-AP
Rushama Tandon 7. Asian spine journal, Indian spine journal 8. AOSAP CD Officer
Yuki Taniguchi 5. ZOZO
Chadi Tannoury 1. Wolter-kluwer publisher 3b. DePuy Synthes 4. 4Web medical 8. AAOS spine program committee
Tony Tannoury 3b. Johnson & Johnson
William Taylor 2. Alphatec
Jin Tee 8. KF Trauma
Gene Tekmyster 3b. 2nd.MD; Claims Eval; CT DPH 5. Boston Scientific/Vertiflex 8. Patient Safety Committee and Biologics Section: NASS
Enrico Tessitore 9. Training fees from Medtronic, Depuy Synthes, Spineart
J Alex Thomas 1. Nuvasive 2. Nuvasive 3b. Nuvasive 5. Nuvasive
Claudius Thomé 2. Aesculap, DepuySynthes, Signus Medizintechnik 5. BrainLab, DepuySynthes, Medtronic, Intrinsic Therapeutics, Signus Medizintechnik, TETEC, Ulrich 8. EANS, ÖGNC
Jake Timothy 2. Stryker/Nuvasive
Antoine Tohmeh 2. Alphatec
Leevi Toivonen 9. Research Grant: Competitive State Financing of the Expert Responsibility Area of Tampere University Hospital
Vincent C. Traynelis 1. Medtronic 3b. NuVasive 6. Fellowship Support: NREF, AO 7. Neurosurgery, Spine, Journal of Spinal Disorders and Operative Techniques, Clinical Spine Surgery
Benedikt Trnovec 3b. Medtronic
Eeric Truumees 5. Medtronic, Relievant 8. NASS BOD, AAOS and CSRS Committees
Michelle Tucci 8. Mississippi Academy of Science, Board member
Rocky Mountain Bioengineering Board member
Haruki Ueda 5. Lilly scholarship grant
Wiktor Urbanski 3b. Stryker 5. DePuySynthes, ZimmerBiomet
Alexander Vaccaro 1. Aesculap, Atlas Spine, Elsevier, Globus Medical, Jaypee, Medtronic, SpineWave, Stryker, Taylor Francis/Hodder & Stoughton, Thieme 3b. Atlas Spine, DePuy, Gerson Lehman Group, Globus Medical, Innovative Surgical Design, Medtronic, Nuvavise, Orthobullets 3b. Atlas Spine, DePuy, Gerson Lehman Group, Globus Medical, Innovative Surgical Design, Medtronic, Nuvavise, Orthobullets, SpineWave, Stout Medical, Stryker 4. Advanced Spinal Intellectual Properties, Avaz Surgical, Bonovo Surgical, Computational Biodynamics, Cytonics, Dimension Orthotics LLC, Electrocore, Flagship Surgical, FlowPharma, Franklin Bioscience, Gamma Spine, Globus Medical, Innovative Surgical Design, Insight Therapeutics, Nuvasive, Paradigm Spine, Parvizi Surgical Innovations, Prime Surgeons, Progressive Spinal Technologies, Replication Medica, Spine Medica, Spinology, Stout Medical, Vertiflex 5. AO Spine - non-financial support 6. Elsevier, Jaypee, Taylor Francis/Hodder & Stoughton, Thieme 7. Clinical Spine Surgery, Spine Journal
Marcelo Alejandro Valacco 8. Chair Research Latin America
Nicholas Van Halm-Lutterodt 7. Annals of Orthopedics and Musculoskeletal Disorders
Miranda van Hoff 5. AOSPINE research grant
Johan van Soest 3b. Varian Medical Systems 4. Medical Data Works B.V. 6. Varian Medical Systems (grant)
Jorrit-Jan Verlaan 4. Co-founder of, and holds stocks in SentryX
Anne Versteeg 3b. AOSpine International 5. AOSpine International 9. Personal fees from AOSpine International
Emiliano Vialle 8. KF Trauma
Michael Virk 2. DePuy Synthes, Globus, BrainLab 3b. DePuy Synthes, Globus, BrainLab
Heidecke Volkmar 3b. HumanTech, Germany 8. DGNC
Marije Vos-van der Hulst 8. Dutch Flemish Spinal Cord Society (DuFSCoS)
Jeffrey C. Wang 1. Biomet, Seaspine, Amedica, Synthes 4. Bone Biologics, Pearldiver, Electrocore, Surgitech 7. Editorial Boards - Spine, The Spine Journal, Clinical Spine Surgery, Global Spine Journal 8. Board of Directors - North American Spine Society, AO Foundation, Cervical Spine Research Society, Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics, American Orthopaedic Association 9. Fellowship Funding (paid to institution): AO Foundation
Michael Wang 1. Depuy-Synthes 3b. Medtronic, Spineology, Stryker 4. ISD,
Kinesiometrics, Medical Device Partners
Kota Watanabe 7. Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery
Spine Surgery and Related Research
Simon Weidert 2. Stryker Inc., Brainlab AG, Ziehm Imaging GmbH 3b. Brainlab AG 4. Medability GmbH, Mecuris GmbH, M3i GmbH 6. Ziehm Imaging GmbH
Peter Whang 9. Bioventus LLC provided financial support for the conduct of the study and preparation of the manuscript
Roger Widmann 3b. OrthoPediatric Company Spine 3c. Journal of Peditartic Orthopaedics 7. Spine Deformity Journal
Journal of Children's Orthopeadics 
Karsten Wiechert 3b. Biomatrix Inc 7. Co-Editor in Chief "Global Spine Journal" 8. German Spine Society, NASS
Timothy F. Witham 3c. Depuy/Synthes Spine 4. Augmedics 7. Augmedics 9. Research support from the Gordon & Marylin Macklin Foundation
Andrea Wood 3a. OBERD
Timothy Wright 1. Exactech, Inc, Lima Corporate, Mathys Orthopaedics Ltd 4. Orthobond 5. Lima Corporate 8. American Joint Replacement Registry, Knee Society, Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation
Yulun Xu 8. Beijing International Forum of Neurological Surgeons (BIFNS)
Timothy S. Yoon 1. Meditech Spine, Stryker Spine (paid to institution) 3b. Meditech Spine 3c. Nuvasive and Medtronic 4. Phygen, Alphatec 5. Empiric Spine (paid directly to institution) 8. AO Spine, International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine
Rafal Zaluski 3b. Medtronic, Stryker, DePuySynthes, RTI
Reinhard Zeller 6. Fellowship support from Spinevision

Authors/Speakers without conflicts of interest

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Bizhan Aarabi  
Hamid Abbasi  
Anis Abdelhedi  
Oussema Abdelhedi  
Saied Abdellali  
Hamdan Abdelrahman  
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Yuiciho Abe  
Aidin Abedi  
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Amir Abtahi  
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Yakefu Abulizi  
Foram Acharya  
Hriday Acharya  
Prashant Acharya  
Shankar Acharya  
Chukwuebuka C. Achebe  
Ignacio ACuña  
Miguel Acuña  
Akira Adachi  
Sylva Adeeko  
Charlotte Adegeest  
Irina Afanaseva  
Anoushka Afonso  
Mohammad Hamza Aftab  
Syed Aftab  
Apoorv Agarwal  
Neha Agarwal  
Romit Agarwal  
Tejasvi Agarwal  
Yogendra Agrahari  
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Bisola Ajayi  
Qasim Ajmi  
Muhammad Akbar  
Keyur Akbari  
Kutbuddin Akbary  
Melika Akhbari  
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Disch Alexander C.  
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Daniel Alicea  
Puya Alikhani  
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Adnan Alkandari  
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Pingel Andreas  
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Tborbi Anis  
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Daniela Antunes Krauthamer  
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Mourad Aoui  
Yesid Araque  
Miguel Araújo Abreu  
Francisco Araujo Jr  
Maheswaran Archunan  
Vincent Arlet  
Gustavo Gonçalves Arliani  
Paul Arnold  
Daniel Arnoni  
Alaric Aroojis  
Frederico Arriaga Criscuoli de Farias  
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Varun Arvind  
Raj kumar arya  
Anthony Asher  
María Alejandra Asmar  
Roberto Assietti  
Yan Assunção Bicca  
Michael Athanassacopoulos  
Najmedden Attabib  
Luis C Avellaneda  
Richard Avero Gonzalez  
Mauricio Avila  
Fedan Avrumova  
Greiner Axel  
Khalil Ayadi  
Mohamed Ayadi  
Esra Aydin  
Kamel Ayedi  
Oliver Ayling  
Scott Ayton  
Zahra Azadmanjir  
Amer Aziz  
Ali A. Baaj  
Jetan Badhiwala  
Vignesh Badikillaya  
Abdul Badran  
Mohamed Badri  
Siddharth Badve  
Rajdeep Singh Bagga  
Luis Bahamonde  
Asfand Baig Mirza  
Andreas Baikousis  
Chris Bailey  
Stewart Bailey  
Georgios Bakaloudis  
Joshua Bakhsheshian  
Birender Balain  
Venkatesh Balaji  
Christopher A Balboa  
Luigi Balla  
Alexander Ballatori  
Jose Vicente Ballesteros  
Vicente Ballesteros  
Harshal Bamb  
Stefano Bandiera  
Andras Bank  
Kuldeep Bansal  
Tungish Bansal  
Dr Mihir Bapat  
Pramod Baral  
António Barata  
Giovanni Barbanti Bròdano  
Andrea Barbero  
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Tiago Barbosa  
Tarak Bardaa  
James Baren  
Bardia Barimani  
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Eric Basile  
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Guermazi Bassem  
Bil Bassetti  
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Griffin Baum  
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Atef Ben Nsir  
Mariana Bendersky  
David BenEliyahu  
Collin Bennet  
Adam Benton  
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Ferenc Bereczki  
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Lawrence Bonassar  
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Maximilian-Niklas Bonk  
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Sofiene Bouali  
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Asma Bouhoula  
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Jess Brallier  
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María José Bravo Otero  
Marco Brayda Bruno  
Lee Breakwell  
Antonio Brecevich  
Miriam Bredella  
Joaquim Brito  
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Aaron Brooking  
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Avery Brown  
Jacob Bruckner  
Tristan Brunette-Clement  
Michael Brush  
Pushpa BT  
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Ian Buchanan  
Avery Buchholz  
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Gideon Budiono  
Ketelly Bueno Koch  
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David Bumpass  
Torphong Bunmaprasert  
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Kevin Burt  
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Subin Byanjankar  
Mohamad Bydon  
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Juan P. Cabrera Cousiño  
David Cadotte  
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Luiz Henrique Cardoso Pereira  
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Li-Nien Chien  
Matthew Chiin  
Ning-Chien Chin  
Catherine Chinnery  
Ameet Chitale  
Neil Chiverton  
Wee Joo Chng  
Roger Cho  
Hyunmi Choi  
Jong Hyun Choi  
Dean Chou  
Navid Chowdhury  
Robert Chrenko  
Kammerlander Christian  
Becker Christopher  
Nicolas Ciccioli  
Pablo Cikutovic  
Soekojo Cinnie Yentia  
Luciana Cintra  
Ignacio Cirillo  
Juan Ignacio Cirillo  
Jillian Clark  
Amelia Clarke  
Michelle Clarke  
Thomas L Clemens  
Daniel Coban  
Guilherme Jose Coelho Dias  
Ashley Cole  
Nigel Coleman  
Michael Collins  
Elena Virginia Colombo  
Shea Comadoll  
Stephanie Combs  
Domenico Compagnone  
Andreas Conta  
Maria Eduarda Conte Gripa  
Carlo Conti  
Diego Contreras  
Katlyn Conville  
Andrew Cook  
Christopher Cooke  
Maxwell Cooper  
Wesley Cooperman  
Alvaro Cordoba  
Cynthia Correa  
Cristian Ricardo Correa Valencia  
Ricardo César Cortes de Bom  
Brian Cortese  
Lorenzo Costa  
Marcelo Costa  
Mauro José Costa Salles  
Giuseppe Costanzo  
Robert Crawford  
Aaron Creek  
Luca Cristofolini  
Francisco Cruz López  
Tibor Csákány  
Nicolas Cubillos  
António Cuco  
Carla Cunha  
Taiana Cunha Ribeiro  
Michael Cunningham  
BRYAN Curnutte  
Patrick Curtin  
Murilo Daher  
Luiz Gustavo Dal Oglio da Rocha  
Marines Dalla Valle Martino  
Enrico Dall'Ara  
Dr Samir Dalvie  
Chris Daly  
Jose Rafael Dangond Milian  
Anna Danielewicz  
Daniel D'Aquino  
Mehdi Darmoul  
Gurdip Das  
Kalidutta Das  
Mirant Dave  
Brian T. David  
Ricardo de Amoreira Gepp  
Haridian Helena de Armas Baez  
Igor de Barcellos Zanon  
Michele De Cicco  
Erin De Gendt  
Jorge De Haro Estrada  
Rafael De la Garza  
Cristian Emmanuel De la Rosa Cobián  
André de Oliveira Arruda  
Steven de Reuver  
Gabriel Luiz De Souza Kondlatsch  
Hiroshige Debata  
Jeferson Dedéa  
Steven Deem  
Priyank Deepak  
Priyank Deepak  
Christopher Defrancesco  
Devanand Deglumadi  
Marieke C.J. Dekker  
Marinus deKleuver  
Mark Dekutoski  
David Del Curto  
Matías Delgado  
Fabio Vincenzo Delle Donne  
Edward DelSole  
Dmytro Demchenko  
Gulden Demirci Otluoglu  
Moritz Deml  
Anton Denisov  
Kedar Deogaonkar  
Pegah Derakhshan  
Francoise Descazeaux  
Jospeh Detorri  
Joseph R. Dettori  
Suman Dhar  
Arjun Dhawale  
Sujay Dheerendra  
Ekamjeet Dhillon  
Joana Dhivra  
Taylor Dickinson  
Bassel Diebo  
Nicholas Dietz  
Rory Dilworth  
Chen Ding  
Sara Diniz  
Michael Dittmar  
Srikanth Divi  
Niek Djuric  
Jose Luis Do Santos  
Thanh Doan  
Yusuke Dodo  
Andre Mario Doi  
Toru Doi  
Ryan Doig  
Thomas Doke  
Jessica Dorilio  
Kimberly Dorsch  
Christina Dowe  
Philipp Drees  
Hicham Drissi  
Marcelo Droguett Mallea  
Ilya Dubinin  
Jean Dubousset  
Marcel Dudda  
John Michael Duff  
Travis Dumont  
Conor Dunn  
Robert Dunsmuir  
Balagurunathan Durairaju  
Rory Durham  
Brian Durkin  
Jarosław Dzierżanowski  
Dmitry Dzukaev  
Delio E. Martins  
Deborah Eastwood  
Murray Echt  
Suero Eduardo  
Jeff Ehresman  
Sven Eicker  
João Pedro Einsfeld Britz  
Abdullah Eissa  
Hussein El Ghait  
Walid El Nawawy  
Hesham El Saghir  
Sondos Eladawi  
amr elbahi  
Amr Elbahi  
Benjamin D. Elder  
Omar Elhamy  
Christopher Elia  
Christopher Elias  
Alexander Eliseev  
Arin Ellingson  
Mahmoud Elmalky  
Dana El-Mughayyar  
MAZZIN Elsamaloty  
Sherief Elsayed  
Peter E. Eltes  
Jonathan Elysee  
Alexandra Emes  
Eghan-Acquah Emmanuel  
Judith Erkelens, van  
Onder Ertem  
Martin Estefan  
João Esteves  
Gisberto Evangelisti  
Nathan Evaniew  
Maria Eveslage  
Sharon Eylon  
Ali Ezzati  
Esmail Fakharian  
Asdrubal Falavigna  
Tianqi Fan  
Saif Farhan  
Luiz Humberto Faria Barbosa  
Ignacio Farias  
Aleksei Farion  
James Farmer  
kamran farooque  
Francisco Fasano  
Umma Fatema  
Richard Fawcett  
Hassan Fawi  
Jennifer Fayad  
Michael Fehlings  
Richard Ferch  
Justyna Fercho  
Felipe Fernandes  
Pedro Fernandes  
Manuel Fernandez  
Pedro Fernández  
Maria Luisa Fernandez Gonzalez  
Federico Fernandez Molina  
Mario Ferretti  
Richard Fessler  
Hubertus Feussner  
Ryan Field  
Guilherme Finger  
Sliti Firas  
Christian Fisahn  
Ashlyn Fitch  
Alana Flexman  
Isabel Flores  
Casey Fogarty  
Mary Foltz  
João Fonseca  
Aline Fonseca Sandrini  
Mark Fontana  
Natália Fontana Nicoletti  
Helder Fonte  
Blake Formanek  
Claudia Fortes  
Diana Gabriela Fourlong Galvan  
Daryl Fourney  
Angelo Fragakis  
Evangelos Fragakis  
Angelo Fragkakis  
Joseph Frantzias  
Christian Fras  
Christian Ivan Lucas Fras  
Sebastian Fras  
Smolle-Juettner Frayja-Maria  
Thomas Freiman  
Dr. Sven Frieler  
Sven Frieler  
Alexander Fritz  
Guillermo Frucella  
Kylie Fryer  
Kai-Ming Fu  
Yuli Viviana Fuentes Barreiro  
Miguel Angel Fuentes Rivera  
Shigeharu Fukao  
Salvador Fuster  
Dr.Manojkumar Gaddikeri  
Ghassen Gader  
Akshay Gadia  
Martin Gagliardi  
Roxanne Gal  
Ewerton Galdeano  
Enrico Gallazzi  
Jesus Manuel Gallego  
Leticia Gallego Diez  
Mario Ganau  
Viraj Gandbhir  
Satish Ganesan  
Catherine Himo Gang  
Leonardo Garcia  
Maria Fernanda Garcia  
Jose Garcia Cosamalón  
Otavio Garcia Martins  
Gilberto Gardea Loera  
Gilberto Gardea Ramirez  
Carson Gardner  
Ignacio Gabriel Garfinkel  
Bhavuk Garg  
Sumeet Garg  
Andrew Garton  
Alessandro Gasbarrini  
Pedro Pablo Gaviria  
Max Hans Peter Gay  
Yassine Gdoura  
Prashant Gedam  
Daniel Gehling  
Fred Geisler  
Yaroslav Gelfand  
Jens Gempt  
Osterhoff Georg  
Christopher Gerber  
Paul Gerdhem  
Aref-Ali Gharooni  
pouriya Ghayoumi  
Khalil Ghedira  
Riccardo Ghermandi  
Aashish Ghodke  
Zahra Ghodsi  
Mohamed Ghorbel  
Fabián Armando Gil  
Jessica Gilchrist  
Kevin Gill  
Marshall Gillette  
Marcos Gimbernat  
Pierre-Pascal Girod  
Marco Girolami  
Shamil Gizatullin  
Andrew Glennie  
Hohenberger Gloria  
Nishat Goda  
Denis Godanyuk  
Erica Godinho  
Wilmer Godoy  
Alfredo Godoy Adaro  
Rodrigo Goes  
Rodrigo Góes Medéa de Mendonça  
Brian C Goh  
Graham Goh  
Jacob Goldberg  
Blake Golden  
Tony Goldschlager  
Alejandro Gomez-Rice  
Maxim Goncharov  
Gakuji Gondo  
Glenn Gonzalez  
Elsa Gonzalez Cubero  
Nicolas Gonzalez Masanes  
Amado Gonzalez Moga  
Laura Virginia Gonzalez Ramirez  
Rafael Gonzalez Sanchez  
Ryan Goodmanson  
Christopher Gooed  
Catherine Gorick  
Alberto Gotfryd  
Sibylle Grad  
Colin Alexander Graham  
Pierluigi Granaroli  
Lukas Grassner  
Giovanni Grasso  
Warren L. Grayson  
Mark S. Greenberg  
Ryan Greene  
Jeffrey P Greenfield  
Guilherme Gregores  
Cristiana Griffoni  
Ben Grodzinski  
Andrea Gröne  
Stan Gronthos  
Olivier Groot  
Marcelo Gruenberg  
Alon Grundshtein  
Jovana Grupkovic  
Basil Grüter  
Anna Gryadunova  
Honglin Gu  
YuTong Gu  
Jian Guan  
Joana Guasque  
Boyko Gueorguiev  
James Guest  
Abram Guilzatyan  
Alfredo Guiroy  
Richard W Gullan  
Vladimir Guly  
Nigel Gummerson  
Lasantha Gunasekara  
Chang Ming Guo  
W Guo  
Munish Gupta  
Sachin Gupta  
Siddharth Gupta  
Kevin Gurr  
Juan Pablo Guyot  
Juan Enrique Guzmán Carranza  
Elena Haag  
Diana Hab  
Khalil Habboubi  
Anis Hachicha  
Sonja Häckel  
Maher Hadhri  
Mohamed Amine Hadj Taieb  
Bhushan Hadole  
Ali Haghnegahdar  
Lisbet Haglund  
Colin Haines  
Arja Häkkinen  
Shahnawaz Haleem  
Hamilton Hall  
Sascha Halvachizadeh  
Mousa Hamad  
Thamer Hamdan  
Uwe Hamsen  
Jae Han  
Stefan Hanish  
Samuel Hanz  
Nobuhiro Hara  
Garrett Harada  
Aryan Haratian  
Dimitar Haritonov  
Mark Harris  
James Harrop  
Andrew Hart  
Benjamin Hartley  
Kazuhiro Hasegawa  
Fauzan A. Hashmi  
Kalpesh Hathi  
Shun Hatsushikano  
Omar Hattab  
Stefan Hauck  
Jakob Hax  
Chikara Hayakawa  
Daichi Hayashi  
Erik Hayman  
Jribi Haythem  
Olesja Hazenbiller  
Junbo He  
Yuzhong He  
Zhong He  
Madison Heath  
Wong Hee Kit  
Volkmar Heidecke  
Franziska Heider  
Joshua Heller  
Santiago Hem  
Chelsea Hendow  
Amin Henine  
Christian Henker  
Martin Herman  
Gabriel Hernández  
Gilmar Hernández  
Jose Hernandez Encinas  
Rudolf Herrera  
Jan Herzog  
Denni Hey  
Akiro Higashikawa  
Kevin Hines  
Yuri Hirayama  
Nirdesh Hiremaglur Jagadeesh  
Daniel Ho  
Meng-Yin Ho  
Ue-Cheung Ho  
Uri Hochberg  
Zoltan Hoffer  
Martin Hoffmann  
Gunther O. Hofmann  
Martin Holas  
Alex Hollenberg  
Peter Hollis  
Christina Holmes  
Kenneth Holton  
Jelle Homans  
Jae-Taek Hong  
Ying Hong  
Sarah Hopkins  
Sam Hopwood  
Francis Hornicek  
Yushi Hoshino  
Allard Hosman  
Isabel Hostettler  
Kazuko Hotta  
Sarah Houimli  
James Houston  
Yi-Chen Hsieh  
Fang-Wei Hsu  
Ming-Hsiao Hu  
Carlos Huaiquilaf  
Chengyi Huang  
Ji-chen Huang  
Kangkang Huang  
Russel Huang  
Tsung-Jen Huang  
Wei-Hsun Huang  
Vanessa Hubertus  
Peter Hudak  
Gabriel Huerta Hernández  
Dennis Hundersmarck  
Jungwoo Hur  
Soojung C. Hur  
Ibrahim Hussain  
Zion Hwang  
Takuya Iimura  
Takahiro Iizuka  
Lonneke IJsseldijk  
Adeel Ikram  
Yoshinori Imaizumi  
Felix Imposti  
Anupam Inamdar Pradip  
Satoshi Inami  
Solange Inglis  
Csorn Investigators  
Enrico Ioriatti  
Basem Ishak  
Wataru Ishida  
Koji Ishikawa  
Mohammed Issa  
Cesar Iturriaga  
Anthony Iuso  
Alexandre Iutaka  
Sergey Ivannikov  
Marcel Ivanov  
Toyohito Iwami  
Guillermo Izquierdo  
Keerthivasan J  
Sridhar J  
Marcin Jablonski  
Charbel Jacob Jr  
Bradley Jacobs  
Mueller-Broich Jacques D.  
Senol Jadik  
David Jaffray  
Hamidreza Jahandar  
Alok Jain  
Ajay Jaiswal  
Jack Jallo  
Pablo Jalon  
Il-Tae Jang  
Min-gu Jang  
Esther Janssen  
Insa Janssen  
Michael Janssen  
Luis Estuardo Jara Silvestre  
Firas Jarraya  
Julio Jauregui  
Raveen Jayasuriya  
Daksh Jayaswal  
Ehsan Jazini  
Sandra Jenkner  
Kai Oliver Jensen  
Thorsten Jentzsch  
Christopher Marvin Jesse  
Madhan Jeyaraman  
abhinav jha  
Fan Jiang  
Liang Jiang  
Jvaghar Jill  
Lincoln Jimenez  
Khanathip Jitpakdee  
Bridget Jivanelli  
Alan Job  
Ann Kathrin Joerger  
Abhinav Jogani  
John John  
Paul John  
Casey Johnson  
Michael Johnson  
Conor Jones  
Kristen Jones  
Philipp Jost  
Kristóf József  
Kramer Judith  
Mubashir Jusabani  
Edward Kachur  
Chris Kaczmarek  
Pranajaya Dharma Kadar  
Fouzia Kader  
Alan Kaell  
Gereyhan Kaibov  
Ghanshyam Kakadiya  
miriam kakaire  
Sahadu Saajid Kaleel  
Kalyan Kumar Varma Kalidindi  
Pawel Kalinowski  
Jalel Kallel  
Sukhvinker Kalsi-Ryan  
Amir Kamali  
prudvi kumar reddy kamazala  
Katsuhiko Kamei  
Michalis Kaminaris  
Brahim Kammoun  
Michel Kanas  
Davi Kang  
Min-Seok Kang  
Adam Kanter  
Leon Kaplan  
Neal Kapoor  
Santanu Kar  
Daniel Karczewski  
Shaffaf Kareem  
Aditya Karhade  
Muhammad Tahir Karim  
Syed Mohammed Karim  
Jaro Karppinen  
Jesil Kasamkattil  
Yumi Kashida  
Aditya Kashikar  
Tokuji KASHIRO  
Abhishek Kashyap  
Kristina Kaufmann  
Hannu Kautiainen  
Rohit Kavishkar  
Naohiro Kawamura  
Itaru Kawashima  
Khandkar Kawsar  
Mohammed Kazi  
Avinash KC  
Khaled Kebaish  
Jakkrit Keeratiruangrong  
Ishwara Keerthi  
Amey Kelkar  
Jonas Keller  
Adrian Kelly  
Jim Kennedy  
Panagiotis Kerezoudis  
Mena G. Kerolus  
Hassib Keskes  
Bernardo Keuffer  
Bharti Kewlani  
Yu Keyi  
Roman Khalepa  
Souheil Khalfaoui  
Fady Khamis  
Almas Khan  
Asham Khan  
Inamullah Khan  
Maaz Khan  
Maheen Khan  
Shahrukh Khan  
Aman Khanna  
Morsi Khashan  
Mandir Khatri  
Amirmahdi Khayyamfar  
Ezzaouia Khelil  
Arjun Khoarna  
Anastasia Khokhlova  
Sepehr Khosravi  
Mansour Khrifech  
Ashish Khurana  
Ivan Khutornoy  
Gonzalo Kido  
Patrick Kiely  
Karl L. Kiening  
Charlotte Kik  
Marja Kik  
Hyeun Sung Kim  
Ji Yeon Kim  
Jun Kim  
Leandro Kim  
Min Seok Kim  
Sang-bum Kim  
Sungkyu Kim  
Youngyul Kim  
Brittany King  
Merritt Kinon  
Sertac Kirnaz  
Wadim Kisel  
Laszlo Kiss  
Teruo Kita  
Kazuya Kitamura  
Schaser Klaus-Dieter  
Istvan Klemencsics  
Zdenek Klezl  
Eric Klineberg  
AO Spine Knowledge Forum Trauma  
Manoj Kodigudla  
Nikolaus Kögl  
Hui Yu Koh  
Vjekoslav Kolarevic  
Kamil Kolejak  
Fatma Kolsi  
Khalil Komlakh  
Faisal Konbaz  
Matthias Königshausen  
Deniz Konya  
Panagiotis Korovessis  
Vit Kotheeranurak  
Prosper Koto  
Anthony Kouri  
Christos Koutsarnakis  
Branko Krajnovic  
Michal Krakowiak  
John Kramer  
Renate Krassnig  
Michael Kraus  
Katherine Krenek  
Ajay Krishnan  
Alexander Kristosturov  
Robert Jan Kroeze  
Oscar Krol  
Olga Krupkova  
Christiane Kruppa  
Sri Vijay Anand  KS  
Amir Kucharski  
Yoshifumi Kudo  
Isla Kuhn  
Hans Kuijpens  
Jan Kuiper  
Kornelia Kulig  
Arul kumar  
Dinesh Shree Kumar  
Jay I. Kumar  
Naresh Kumar  
Navin Kumar  
Nishant Kumar  
Pradeep Kumar  
Rakesh Kumar  
Ramesh Kumar  
Sumit Kumar  
Dinesh Kumarasamy  
Nicholas Kummer  
Justin E. Kung  
Viacheslav Kurnosenko  
Ivan Kurnosov  
Jennifer Kurowicki  
Rob Kuru  
Kenny Yat Hong Kwan  
Tobias Kyrk  
Samantha L Morello  
Frank La Marca  
Meeki Lad  
Bryan Ladd  
Nicolas Lagos Parra  
Chris Lai  
Marcus Kin Long Lai  
Rodney Laing  
Achraf LAJMI  
Khai Lam  
Federico Landriel  
Julia Landscheidt  
Nicole Lange  
Francesco Langella  
Amanda Lans  
Jenna Lansbury  
Kylan Larsen  
Michał Latalski  
Benny Lay  
Aron Lazary  
Javier Lecaros  
Andy Lee  
Carlin Lee  
Cheng-Hung Lee  
Ching-Yu Lee  
Dongho Lee  
Jeong Hyeon Lee  
Min-Gi Lee  
Nathan Lee  
Ryan Lee  
Sang-Hyo Lee  
Sung-Jae Lee  
Wendy Lee  
Ronald A. Lehman  
Wenxin Lei  
Justin Lemans  
Carolina Luísa Lemos  
Paul Lender  
Sara Lener  
Lawrence Lenke  
Mario Lenza  
Gil Leor  
Olavo Letaif  
Eric Leung  
Evgeni Levchik  
Dun Li  
Yang Li  
Ziquan Li  
Guoyan Liang  
Zeyan Liang  
Zvi Lidar  
Danielle Lieberman  
Harry Lightsey IV  
Jacques Limbeek, van  
Feng Huei Lin  
James Lin  
Jiann-Her Lin  
Wenbo Lin  
Daniela Linhares  
Kyaw Linn Linn  
Seamus Linnane  
Eric Lis  
Milan Liska  
Ann Liu  
Gabriel Liu  
Hao Liu  
Joanna Liu  
Tie Liu  
Weidong Liu  
Wilson Liu  
Xilin Liu  
Yan Liu  
Yang Liu  
Yanting Liu  
Zhen Liu  
Zhongjun Liu  
Ziyang Liu  
Per Liv  
Hariz Liwa  
Pedro Lizama  
Sheng-fu L. Lo  
Moritz Lodde  
Laura-Nanna Lohkamp  
Yadhu Lokanath  
Domingo Lombao Iglesias  
Joseph Lombardi  
Alvina Lone  
Charles Long  
Greta Long  
António Lemos Lopes  
Keith Gerard Lopez  
Rodolfo Lopez Allendes  
Kenny Lopez Gomez  
Maria Elisa Lopez Gonzalez  
Isaac López Peña  
Tiago Lorga  
Peter Loughenbury  
David Love  
Ana Lozano Muñoz  
Shuting Lu  
Wen-Xian Lu  
José Lucas Batista  
Tobias Ludwig do Nascimento  
Darren Lui  
Yuk Fai Lui  
Leandro Luis Corso  
Carlos Fernando Luna de Alva  
Simon Luong  
Cristina Lupu  
Lennel Lutchman  
Alexey Lychagin  
Raveendran M  
Sasidharan M D S  
Junming Ma  
Kais Maamri  
André Maçães  
Igor Machado Cardoso  
Masayoshi Machida  
Claire Mackaaij  
Catherine MacLean  
Mark Maclean  
Amy Macneil  
Sirisha Madhu  
Cristina Madrid De La Serna  
Humberto Madrinan  
Bernard Magudya  
Dipak Maharjan  
Anil Mahavadi  
Maatoug Mahdi  
Maierdan Maimaiti  
Wai Kit Mak  
Hassen Makhlouf  
Hiroto Makino  
Sergey Malakhov  
Jos Malda  
Daniel Maldonado  
Muhammad Malhi  
Vivek Malhotra  
Zuzanna Maliszewska  
Abhinandan Reddy Mallepally  
Hani Malone  
Marco Mancuso-Marcello  
Krishna Mandalia  
Rajesh Mangattil  
Jitesh Manghwani  
Blaine Manning  
Camilo Manriquez  
Neil Manson  
Guilherme Mansur  
Vadim Manukovsky  
Mustfa Manzur  
Jennifer Mao  
Nandan Marathe  
Dreimann Marc  
Gerard Marciano  
Czabanka Marcus  
Michelle Marino  
Brandon Mariotti  
Luís Marques  
Daniele Marras  
Bartolomé Marré  
Allan Martin  
Bettag Martin  
Ivan Martin  
Oscar Armando Martínez Gutiérrez  
Andre Martins de Lima Cecchini  
Hiroshi Maruyama  
Matthew Marzetti  
Rawan Masarwa  
Sergei Masevnin  
Mourad Masmoudi  
Eric Massicotte  
Monica Steffi Matchado  
Justin Mathew  
Anderson Matsubara  
Yoshitaka Matsubayashi  
Seishi Matsui  
Akira Matsuoka  
Yukihiro Matsuyama  
Carolina Matté Dagostini  
Mayr Matthias  
Pumberger Matthias  
Loredana Mavilla  
Scheyerer Max  
Bonk Maximilian-Niklas  
Shivanand Mayi  
Nektarios Mazarakis  
Cristhopher Mazuret  
Angelo Mazzarino  
Michael McCarthy  
Rick McCarthy  
Scott McCarty  
Stephen McGillion  
Kelley McGowan  
Lynn McGrath  
Greg McIntosh  
Kevin McKay  
Julie B McLean  
Jane McManus  
Robin McManus  
Andrew Mecum  
Branden Medary  
Rinse Meester  
Ben Ayed Mehdi  
Meddeb Mehdi  
Arne Mehrkens  
Ankit Mehta  
Rujuta Mehta  
Arturo Meissner-Haecker  
Marina Marangon Melhado  
Maria Concetta Meluzio  
Shay Menachem  
Pedro Manuel Mendes dos Santos  
Felipe Mendes Ferreira  
Anil Mendiratta  
Pablo Mendivil  
Yang Meng  
Richard Menger  
Carlos Mengis  
Hari Menon  
Bernardo Merello Tesser  
Mohamed Mesregah  
Mohamed Kamal Mesregah  
Carmelo Messina  
mondher mestiri  
Robert Meves  
Bernhard Meyer  
Guilherme Meyer  
Kathleen Meyers  
Andriy Mezentsev  
Ladislav Mica  
Rex Michael  
ThomasA Mierzwa  
Ruxandra Mihai  
Dmitry Mikhaylov  
Helena Milavec  
Milko Milčič  
Tom Miller  
Elliot Min  
Fernanda Andrea Minutti Navarro  
Lucas Miotto  
Nikolay Mirchev  
Vladimir Mironov  
Muhammad Mirza  
Babak Mirzashahi  
Massimo Miscusi  
Dipendra Mishra  
Sergey Mlyavykh  
Wen Mo  
Nizar Moayeri  
Ralph Mobbs  
Ali Moghaddamjou  
Chaker Mohamed  
Boudawara Mohamed Zaher  
Saeed Mohammad  
Riaz Mohammed  
Sarthak Mohanty  
Shubhranshu Mohanty  
Bibhudendu Mohapatra  
Jahan Mohebali  
Philippe Moisan  
Jung Kee Mok  
Maria Camila Molina Borda  
Anders Möller  
Hans Möller  
Granit Molliqaj  
Sean Molloy  
Sara Montanari  
Ayachi Montassar  
Thiago Montenegro  
Carlos Montero  
Juan Sebastian Montes  
Alexander Montgomery  
Sohyun Moon  
Megan Mooney  
Mark Moore  
Mersad Moosavi  
Rodrigo Moraes  
Victor Otávio Moraes De Oliveira  
Ruben Morales Ciancio  
Luis Carlos Morales Saenz  
Robert Morgan  
Hiroshi Moridaira  
Rafael Moriguchi  
Simon Morr  
Cole Morrissette  
Kyle Morse  
Eryck Moskven  
Elias Moussi Saad  
Oliver Mowforth  
Heiko Mueller  
Oliver Muensterer  
Sander Muijs  
Jacques Dominik Müller-Broich  
Neha Mulpuri  
Praveen Mummaneni  
Marcelo Munhoz  
Sudarshan Munigangaiah  
Kimihide Murakami  
Ciara Murphy  
Ryan Murphy  
Jean-Christophe Murray  
Chandhan Murugan  
Arif Musa  
Alexander Mushkin  
Sathish Muthu  
Mohit Muttha  
Sara Naessig  
Premik B Nagad  
Matias Nahuelpan Sanhueza  
Ishan Naidu  
Hideki Nakamoto  
Felipe Nanni  
Atif Naseem  
Andrew Nataraj  
Kartik Kumar Natarajan  
Anick Nater  
Denis Naumov  
Rodrigo Navarro- Ramirez  
Sharon Miracle Nayagam  
Mouadh Nefiss  
Carlos Nemirovsky  
Abhay Nene  
Nessrine Nessib  
Cordula Netzer  
Nuno Neves  
Pedro Neves  
Millie Newall  
Emily Newell  
Peter Newton  
Julia Ng  
Melvin Ng  
William Nguyen  
Christopher Nielsen  
Thomas Niemeyer  
Fernando Nin  
Carlos Mariano Nirino  
Dana Niry  
Innocent Njoku  
Vanessa Nodari Carobin  
Jacques Noel  
Colum Patrick Nolan  
Michael Nolte  
Vanessa Noonan  
Sergio Alejandro Nossa  
Mohammad Hassan A. Noureldine  
Uros Novakovic  
Felipe Novoa  
Mark Nowell  
Matthew Nudelman  
Jorge Nuñez Camarena  
Pierce Nunley  
Ravi Nunna  
Hunor Nyéki  
Peter Obid  
Tawfik Obri  
Matthew Ockendon  
Ahmet Oernek  
Dror Ofir  
Shahiba Ogilvie  
Masayuki Ohashi  
Mary O'Hehir  
Colby Oitment  
Osvaldo Ojeda  
Masashi Okamoto  
Ichiro Okano  
David Okonkwo  
Parker O'Neill  
Julia Onken  
Allan Ono  
Takashi Ono  
Ikenna Onyekwere  
Douwe Oostinga  
Gerard O'Reilly  
Bruna Caroline Orlandin  
Yasushi Oshima  
Rod Oskouian  
Joseph Osorio  
Temi Osunronbi  
Yahya Othman  
Luiz Otoni Garcia  
Andy Ottenbacher  
Luke Ottewell  
Jean Ouellet  
Raymond P Onders  
Juan Pablo Cabrera Cousiño  
Tiago Paczko Bozko Cecchini  
Nabin Pahari  
Markian Pahuta  
Debasish Pal  
Marco Palanca  
Rohan Palanki  
Nigil Palliyil  
Chien-Chou Pan  
Bipina Pandey  
Naveen Pandita  
Shrijit Panikkar  
Nikolaos Papadakos  
Ioannis Papaioannou  
Panagiotis Papastergiou  
Hans Christoph Pape  
Jerome Paquet  
Cheol Woong Park  
Howard Park  
Hyun-Jin Park  
Jong-Beom Park  
Joshua Park  
Paul Park  
Sang Min Park  
Aksha Parray  
Matthew Parry  
Celine Partha-Sarathi  
Paul Partyka  
Nicolas Pascual-Leone  
Roman Paskov  
Lara Passfall  
Peter Passias  
Atharv Patankar  
Tye Patchana  
Ankit Patel  
Jay Patel  
Kishan patel  
Parthik Patel  
Pratik Patel  
Priyank Patel  
Rakesh Patel  
Ravish Patel  
Saavan Patel  
Prasad Patgaonkar  
Nirmal Patil  
Shashank Patil  
Mohit Patralekh  
Prakash Paudel  
Orlin Pavlov  
gajendra pawal  
Jayesh Pawar  
Taylor Paziuk  
Tuna Pehlivanoglu  
Liisa Pekkanen  
Manuela Peletti-Figueiró  
Ferran Pellisé  
Leonardo Pellizzoni  
John Peloza  
Victor Manuel Peña Martínez  
Zhenwu Peng  
Jacquelyn Pennings  
Zach Pennington  
Alexander Perdomo-Pantoja  
Catarina Pereira  
Paulo Pereira  
Thiago Pereira Andrade  
Matias Pereira Duarte  
Giuseppe Peretti  
Vladimir Pereverzev  
Marianna Peroglio  
Jordan Perring  
Petal-Ann Persaud  
Eleonora Pesce  
Colleen Peters  
Ondra Petr  
Matias Petracchi  
Dmytro Petrenko  
Wilco Peul  
Alexander Peyker  
Elena Pezzino  
Vanessa Pfahler  
Lucas Philipp  
Schippers Philipp  
Nelson Picard  
Martina Piccinni Leopardi  
Gwynedd Pickett  
Katherine Pierce  
Clifford Pierre  
Amanda Grippa Piffer  
Deepika Pinto  
Bruno Pinto Coelho  
Valerio Pipola  
Ali Piracha  
Andrew Platt  
Arthur Poetscher  
Michael Pompliano  
Ellano Pontes  
Wai Sang Poon  
Eugen Cezar Popescu  
Andriy Popov  
Gabriel Porkony  
Marcel Post  
Eric Potts  
Masoud Pourghahramani Koltapeh  
Martin Pouw  
Guna Pradeep  
Srinivas Prasad  
Steven Presciutti  
Elliot Pressman  
Solène Prost  
Dmitry Ptashnikov  
Alex Pu  
Luis Fernando Pulido Cadavid  
Ilona Punt  
Benerjee Purnajyoti  
Suresh Pushpananthan  
Vinay Puttanniah  
Syeda Qadri  
Talha Qadri  
Bangping Qian  
Mu Qiao  
Xiaodong Qin  
Yong Qiu  
Wayne Quashie  
Guisela Quinteros Rivas  
Bilal Qutteineh  
Sunmathi R  
Antonino Raco  
Vafa Rahimi-Movaghar  
Heru Rahmadhany  
Am Rai  
Raviranjan Rai  
Aditya Raj  
Thriaksh Rajan  
Brathaban Rajayogeswaran  
Bharath Raju  
Eswar Ramakrishnan  
Ashok Ramasamey  
Alessandro Ramieri  
Miguel Rafael Ramos  
Raja Rampersaud  
Bouzidi Ramzi  
Nahshon Rand  
Arun Ranganathan  
Abhay Rao  
domagoj rapan  
sasa rapan  
vjeran rapan  
Raphi Raphitphan  
Juman Rasheed  
Sakina Rashid  
Parham Rasoulinejad  
Fahid Rasul  
Sai Rath  
Daniel Rathbone  
Rajkumar Rathod  
Tushar Rathod  
Nivetha Ravikumar  
Robert Ravinsky  
Suryanshi Rawat  
Zach Ray  
Mohsen Raza  
Eric Rebich  
Daniel Ręcławowicz  
Gregor Rečnik  
Andrea Redaelli  
Nisha Reddy  
Andrew Rees  
Jay Reidler  
Anne Reiner  
Andreas N. Reinke  
Marie-jacqueline Reisener  
Michael Reiter  
Wildburger Renate  
Michael Repajic  
Thomas Repantis  
Alina Reutova  
Pedro Martín Reyes Fernández  
Jeremy Reynolds  
Laurence Rhines  
Hend Riahi  
Ana Ribau  
Gustavo Ribeiro  
Manuel Ribeiro da Silva  
Daniel Oscar Ricciardi  
Michelle Richardson  
John Ridgway  
Anna C. Rienmüller  
Oliver Riesenbeck  
Orlando Righesso Neto  
Raju Rijal  
Alexandra N Rindone  
Eliane Rioux-Trottier  
Phillipa Risbey  
Joshua Rivera  
Mouna Rkhami  
Jack Roadley  
Sidney Roberts  
Leslie Robinson  
Sophie Robinson  
Brett Rocos  
Luciano Rodrigues  
Luiz Claudio Rodrigues  
Giovani Rodrigues Batista  
Ricardo Rodrigues-Pinto  
Christian Rodriguez  
Andres Rodriguez Munera  
Tom Roeling  
Myron Rogers  
Veit Rohde  
Juan Sebastian Rojas  
Marco A Rojas  
Sarang Rokade  
Márton Rónai  
Xin Rong  
Marina Rosa Filézio  
Santiago Rosales  
Richard Rosedale  
Sophia Roser  
David Rossi  
Massimiliano Rossi  
Robert Rothrock  
Andrea Rowland  
Rita Roy  
Samuel Rudisill  
Greg Rudol  
Alexa Ruiz  
Miguel Ruiz - Barrera  
Lisa Ruppert  
Antonino Russo  
Salvatore Russo  
Amy S Kapatkin  
Soheil Saadat  
Aziz Saade  
Javier M Saavedra  
Luis Antonio Saavedra Badillo  
Bouhdiba Saber  
Bruno Saciloto  
AO Spine Sacral Classification Group  
Seyed Emadaldin Sadat  
Mohsen Sadeghi-Naini  
Said Sadiqi  
Iwan Sadler  
Stephen Saela  
Mikhail Safronov  
Nikhil Sahai  
Ramavtar Saini  
Hideki Sakanaka  
Samir Sakka  
Ayari Sakr  
Matteo Saladini  
Khalil Salame  
Nour Saleh  
Anne Salonen  
Stephan Salzmann  
Andre Samuel  
Jose San Miguel-Ruiz  
Francisco Javier Sánchez García  
Sreedhara Sangadala  
Gururaj Sangondimath  
Claudio Santili  
Susana G. Santos  
Hugo Santos Benitez  
Kailash Sarathy  
Mohadeseh Sarbaz Bardsiri  
Zeeshan Sardar  
Atul Sareen  
Takeshi Sasagawa  
Adam Sassoon  
Alexandra Satanovsky  
Ashwin Sathe  
Sumeer Sathi  
Kosuke Sato  
Marcel Sauma  
Rogerio Savoy  
Oliver Sax  
Arash Sayari  
Christine Scarsbrook  
Benjamin Schachner  
Ralph T Schaer  
Karl Schaller  
Stefan Schären  
Benjamin Schell  
Philipp Schenk  
Maike Schepens  
Raymond Schiffelers  
Thomas Schildhauer  
Philipp Schleicher  
Tom Schlosser  
Anne Vibeke Schmedes  
Gordian Schmid  
Cameron Schmidt  
Franziska Anna Schmidt  
Michael Schmitz  
Natalie Scholz  
Clemens Schopper  
Josh Schroeder  
Thomas Schuler  
Jacob Schultz  
James Schuster  
Norbert Schütz  
Joseph Schwab  
David Scourfield-Evans  
Aleesha Searle  
Henry Searle  
Ertl Sebastian  
Fady Sedra  
Shoji Seki  
Susanne Selvadurai  
Senthil Selvanathan  
Hassan Semaan  
Yoshiteru Seo  
Nicolas Sepulveda  
Keith Sequeira  
Konstantin Sergeev  
Vissarionov Sergey  
Valerii Serikov  
Mariano Servidio  
Mathew Sewell  
Ericson Sfreddo  
Masood Shafafy  
Roozbeh Shafafy  
Mark Shaffrey  
Karim Shafi  
Akash Shah  
Avi Shah  
Ira Shah  
Kunal Shah  
Munjal Shah  
Nihar Shah  
Nikki Shah  
Pranav Shah  
Suken Shah  
Shane Shahrestani  
Ashraf Shaikh  
Akash Shakya  
Arya Shamie  
Ashwini Sharan  
Jeevan Kumar Sharma  
Vyom Sharma  
Ahmed Shawky Abdelgawaad  
Han Shear Yashuv  
Evan Sheha  
Milad Shemshadi  
Liang Shen  
Weibin Sheng  
Nicholas Shepard  
William Sheppard  
Idrees Sher  
Craig James Sheridan  
Ajay Kumar Shetty Papanna  
Benlong Shi  
Ehab Shiban  
Cheng-Min Shih  
John Shin  
Naoki Shinohara  
Toshiyuki Shirahata  
Farhad Shokraneh  
Mootaz Shousha  
Jennifer Shue  
Harry Shufflebarger  
Alfredo Sicoli  
Fawaz Siddiqi  
Irfan Siddique  
Brenda Sides  
Alex Sielatycki  
Amit Sigal  
Freyr Gauti Sigmundsson  
Zacharia Silk  
Melissa Silva  
Alvaro Silva González  
Ane Simony  
Ajit Singh  
Ankit Singh  
deepak kumar Singh  
Neerav Anand Singh  
Ravindra Singh  
Saurabh Singh  
Vijay Singh  
Kumar Sinha  
Otman Siregar  
Juam Pablo Sirena  
Ahilan Sivaganesan  
Zakariah Siyaji  
Piotr Sliwinski  
Stephen Sloan  
Paweł Słoniewski  
Willem Bart Slooff  
Oleg Smekalenkov  
Justin Smith  
Margot Smits  
Darryl Sneag  
Tom Snijders  
Ramon Soares  
João Soares do Vale  
Reuben Soh  
Carlos Sola  
Steffen Sola  
Solanga Arachchilage Chanaka Solangaarachchi  
Björn Sommer  
Fabian Sommer  
Dong Min Son  
Seung Min Son  
Sahil Sood  
Simon Sørensen  
Jose Soria Adamo  
Alex Soroceanu  
Iris Sotelo  
Álvaro Soteres  
Dilip Chand Raja Soundararajan  
Arnaldo Sousa  
Paulo Daniel Sousa Santa Cruz  
Bernardo Sousa-Pinto  
Ulrich Spiegl  
Alex Spiessberger  
Paul Sponseller  
Kai Sprengel  
Maarten Spruit  
Ravi Sreenivasan  
Shreya Srinivas  
Vidyadhara Srinivasa  
Sudhir Srivastava  
Robert Stahl  
Martin Stangenberg  
Eloise Stanton  
Michelle Starkey  
Joachim Starup-Hansen  
Michael Stauff  
Nick Steele  
Bastian Stemmer  
Mirosław Stempniewicz  
Josef Stolberg-Stolberg  
Janneke Stolwijk  
Brittany Stott  
Samuel Strantzas  
John Street  
Geoffrey Stricsek  
Fredrik Stromqvist  
Sarah Strot  
Maria Luz Suarez-Huerta  
Daniel Succato  
Pramod Sudarshan  
Nantawit Sugandhavesa  
Chuiguo Sun  
Kala Sundararajan  
Jeanju Sung  
Sumit Sural  
Gayathri Suresh  
Rini Sutaria  
Kayo Suzuki  
Ganesh Swamy  
Girish Swamy  
Gowrishankar Swamy  
Luke Sy  
Nicholas Syn  
Ayrat Syundyukov  
Kam Yim Sze  
Tomasz Szmuda  
Balazs Szollosi  
Casper Tabeling  
Néstor Taboada  
Julia Tabrah  
Hiroyuki Tachi  
Muzahem Taha  
Takashi Takahashi  
Tetsuro TAKAI  
Kazushi Takayama  
Ariel Takayanagi  
Yujiro Takeshita  
Karapet Takhmazyan  
Kevin Taliaferro  
Tahir Tamaev  
Anant Tambe  
Barry Wei Loong Tan  
Ek Tsoon Tan  
Jiong Hao Tan  
Samuel Wei Han Tan  
Seang Beng Tan  
Yong Hao Joel Tan  
Yongyao Tan  
Masahiko Tanaka  
Sakae Tanaka  
Takahiro Tanaka  
Vikas Tandon  
Hiroshi Taneichi  
Chitraa Tangavel  
Soji Tani  
Mina Tanios  
Steven Tanner  
Lori Tappen  
Victoria Tasca Ribeiro  
Joana Tavares  
Celeste Tavolaro  
Adriel Tay  
David Taylor  
Mario Taylor  
Wong Taylor  
Chloe Tchens  
Giuseppe Tedesco  
Jye Quan Teh  
Marcelo Teivelis  
Camila Teixeira de Oliveira  
Taweechai Tejapongvorachai  
Alejandro Tejera Morett  
Mesfin Teklemariam  
Alisson R. Teles  
Agustin Tellez Duarte  
Valerie ter Wengel  
Silvia Terzi  
Lindsay Tetreault  
Henrik Teuber  
Sara Thalheimer  
Khoi Than  
Davis John Thelekatt  
Yogen Thever  
Carlos Thibaut Luarte  
Balamurugan Thirugnanam  
Andrew Thomas  
Datzmann Thomas  
Ken Thomas  
Ortner Thomas  
Claudius Thomé  
Alexandra Thomson  
David Thorell  
Earl Thuet  
Alessandra Tieppo  
Zafer Orkun Toktas  
Felix Tome  
James Tomlinson  
Andy Ton  
Tatjana Topalovic  
Soslan Torchinov  
Paola Torres  
Martin Torriani  
Charles Touchette  
Tomoaki Toyone  
Frances Tran  
Nam D. Tran  
Caroline Treanor  
Amine Trifa  
Gautam Tripathi  
Alexander Tristancho  
Dr Jayesh Trivedi  
Rishi Trivedi  
Svorad Trnovec  
Teodor Trojner  
Sokol Trungu  
Walter Truong  
Marianna Tryfonidou  
Vivian Tsai  
Emily Tsang  
Fon-Yih Tsuang  
Stewart Tucker  
Goran Tulic  
Kuan Kai Tung  
Felipe Tuon  
Máté Turbucz  
David Turkov  
Felipe Turner  
Henry Turner  
Peter Twining  
Peter Udby  
Berzins Uldis  
Bernhard Ullrich  
Christian T Ulrich  
Andreas W. Unterberg  
Arpit Upadhyay  
Alexander Upfill-Brown  
Hikari Urakawa  
Ofir Uri  
Juan Uribe  
Jorge Uribe Medina  
Jennifer Urquhart  
Julio Urrutia Escobar  
Alejandro Urzúa  
Nicole Utah  
Nalli Ramanathan Uvaraj  
Atiq Uz Zaman  
Kathak Vachhani  
Avani Vaishnav  
Peter Vajkoczy  
Manuel Valencia Carrasco  
Ahdarsh Vallabhaneni  
Henk van de Meent  
Philip van der Linden  
Jort van Gent  
Miranda van Hooff  
Jacques van Limbeek  
Nico van Meeteren  
Ilse van Nes  
Hanna van Rheenen  
Lodewijk van Rhijn  
Mattie van Rijen  
Thomas van Schaik  
Marijn van Stralen  
Floris van Tol  
Albert Van Wijck  
Peter Vandertop  
Amanda Vandewint  
Daniele Vanni  
Christopher Vara  
Aditya Vardhan  
Peter Pal Varga  
Caribay Vargas Reverón  
Milos Vasic  
João Vaz  
Marcos Vaz de Lima  
Iria Carla Vazquez-Vecilla  
Osvaldo Velan  
Gina Velásquez Solano  
William Velázquez  
Balamurugan Vellayappan  
Michael Venezia  
Muralidharan Venkatesan  
Ravi Venkatesan  
Dr Muralidharan Venkatesh  
Stefanie Veraa  
T.F.G. Vercoulen  
Guillermo Vergara  
Lenny Verkooijen  
Suzanne Verlinde-Schellekens  
Rajat Verma  
Rohit Verma  
Alessandro Versace  
Luiz Vialle  
Vitor Viana Bonan de Aguiar  
Rian Souza Vieira  
Selvin Vijayan  
Erotides de Souza Vilas Boas Neto  
Julio Villar Perez  
Vega Villar Suárez  
Francisco Ismael Villarreal-García  
Carolina Vilte  
Dan Viola  
Shaleen Vira  
Sohrab Virk  
Justin Virojanapa  
Justin Virojanapa  
Arkadiy Vishnevsky  
Vibhu Krishnan Viswanathan  
Jean-Marc Vital  
Jose Antonio Vivar Fernandez  
Ahn Khoa Vo  
Alexander von Glinski  
Johanna E. Vriezekolk  
Cindy Vuong  
Ivan Vyazankin  
Ryckie Wade  
Arthur Wagner  
Unaiza Waheed  
Marcelo Wajchenberg  
Jonathan Wakim  
Benn Walker  
David Walker  
William Walsh  
Beiyu Wang  
Bin Wang  
Carol Wang  
dechun wang  
Han Wang  
Rui Wang  
Tian Wang  
Xiaofei Wang  
Yichao Wang  
Yu Wang  
Sebastian Wangler  
Christina Wapp  
Kei Watanabe  
Kenta Watanabe  
Tsuyoshi Watanabe  
Fraje Watson  
Jim Watson  
Daniel Watts  
Michael Weber  
Christian Weger  
Feng Wei  
Simon Weil  
Karen Weissmann  
Hester Wessels  
Douglas S Wetmore  
Brad Wetzell  
Emma Whitehead  
Arya Cipta Widjaja  
James G, Wiginton  
Harin Wijayathunga  
Vithanage N. Wijayathunga  
Ruth Wilcox  
Amélie Willems  
Dorien Willems  
Karel Willems  
Paul Willems  
César Wilson  
Jamie Wilson  
Jefferson Wilson  
Fabian Winter  
Christoph Wipplinger  
Christopher Witiw  
Allison Wolf  
Böcker Wolfgang  
Chung Chek Wong  
George Kwok Chu Wong  
Tze Hong Wong  
Yat Wa Wong  
Thaddeus Woodard  
Adam Wos  
Maria Wostrack  
Mascha Wostrack  
Chengyuan Wu  
Christopher Wu  
Meng-Huang Wu  
Pang Hung Wu  
Tingkui Wu  
Yabin Wu  
Yun-Che Wu  
Karin Wuertz-Kozak  
Francine Würzius de Quadros  
Emily Wyankoop  
Francisco Xará-Leite  
Chongqing Xu  
Tao Xu  
Xiongjie Xu  
Sanjay Yadav  
Yasuhito Yahara  
Yoshiya Yamada  
Yoshiya Yamada  
Ryo Yamamura  
Yoshiki Yamano  
Camila Yamazato  
Vijay Yanamadala  
Shaomin Yang  
Shu-Hua Yang  
Tsung-Han Yang  
Xiaoxi Yang  
Jay Yao  
Yucheng Yao  
Rye Yap  
Reza Yassari  
Taketoshi Yasuda  
Burt Yaszay  
Jie Ye  
Ziyang Ye  
Albert Yee  
Caleb Yeung  
Janice Hiu Hung Yeung  
Caglar Yilgor  
Emre Yilmaz  
Mengchen Yin  
Rui Yin  
Wicharn Yingsakmongkol  
Nicole Kah Mun Yoong  
Thomas York  
Brandon Yoshida  
Kawaguchi Yoshiharu  
Aftab Younus  
Rodrigo Yuiti Nakao  
Ratko Yurac  
Nikita Zaborovskii  
Slavisa Zagorac  
Ihsen Zammel  
Maria Celeste Zamora  
Juan José Zamorano  
Carlos Zanardi  
Ivan Zapolsky  
Baron Zarate-Kalfopulos  
William Zarza Santos  
Athan Zavras  
Ivan Zderic  
Lukas Zebala  
Pierluca Zecchetto  
Gerald Zeng  
Baoliang Zhang  
Liang Zhang  
Teng Zhang  
Yue Zhang  
Shi-zhou Zhao  
Haitao Zhou  
Jiaqi Zhu  
Jimmy Zhu  
Zezhang Zhu  
Denis Zhukov  
Mohamed Znazen  
Wassim Zribi  
Scott Zuckerman  
Lorenzo Zuñiga-Gomez  

Speakers who will provide financial disclosures on-site

First name Last name  
Richard Adler  
Emre Acaroğlu  
Max Aebi  
Richard Assaker  
Massimo Balsano  
Antonio Martin Benlloch  
Benjamin Blondel  
Xiongsheng Chen  
Michael Daubs  
Nicomedes Fernández-Baíllo Gallego de la Sacristana  
Jörg Franke  
Morgan Giers  
Danny Goel  
Philip Horsting  
Wellington Hsu  
Serena Hu  
Mike Hutton  
Maryem  Ismael Aguirre  
Ye Ji  
Paul Koljonen  
Shekar N. Kurpad  
Avinash Patwardhan  
Sebastien Pesenti  
Javier Quillo-Olvera  
Alexander J.  Rush  
Alpaslan Senkoylu  
Rafael Sugino  
Marek Szpalski  
Patrick Tropiano  
Bruce Twaddle  
Yan Wang  
John K. Webb  
Wenjian Wu  
Cao Yang  
Zhongmin Zhang